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  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    Inaugural meetings of Microsoft Messaging and Mobility User Groups in the UK

    The Microsoft Messaging and Mobility User Group in the UK ( ) holds it's inaugural meetings in September! The first meeting will be on the 13th September 2006 and will be at Microsoft's UK HQ in Thames Valley Park in Reading. The...
  • Alan Faulkner's Forefront Security Blog

    Startersite Availablity

    Everyone has been asking about when the Startersite will be available. Ryan has posted the Startersite availablility here! Basically, a CTP (Community Technology Preview) version will be posted around August 25th and available through the Microsot Connect...
  • Tips of the Day on .NET

    Get MEDC06 labs at MSDN Library

    The following are MEDC06 labs updated and published to the MSDN Library: Step by Step: Migrating an eMbedded Visual C++ Application to Visual Studio 2005
  • digitalnetbizz's WebLog

    1 line XAML challenge and Popup ....

    I saw Tim's challenge and thought about some interesting single element XAML. One of my markup which I thought will cover the whole screen does not do that anymore, it just covers about 80% of the screen MAX. I remember going thru the threat modeling...
  • Antimail

    Simple probability problem

    I love probability puzzles. Here is one I liked: There are a 100 people trying to get onto the same flight you are. The airplane has a 100 seats. You are all ready to board. You are the last one in the line of passengers at the gate. The first guy walks...
  • Antimail

    WS-Management? Already here in Vista!

    WS-Management is a new web services-based management protocol. It's SOAP-based of course, and it is compatible with the rest of the specifications in the WS-* Web Service stack, like WS-Transfer, WS-Enumeration, WS-Addressing. WS-Management is enabled...
  • Skinner's Blog

    CTP5 ( Beta )

    Have a great weekend, 'cause we are! :) We thought we'd need till Monday to get you the software, but things moved a bit faster than we thought! Our latest installment is ready for consumption! Please download the bits from here . As always, feedback...
  • My blog has moved - or

    Disciplines Working Together - What a Novel Concept

    I was reading Mini Microsoft for the second time tonight (I've really never read it) when I came across a post titled Dev vs Test vs PM . This snipped from the post got me thinking - why would I want to work together with someone when I get rewarded for...
  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    LSharp Discussion Group

    I've been playing a little with Lisp lately. Unlike many other single-sourced languages these days (Python, Ruby, to a large extent C# and Java), Lisp comes in a myriad of flavors and implementations. Even with the Ansi Common Lisp standard, each one...
  • Home of the Data Dude

    CTP5 Is Live!

    Two days ahead of schedule, we were expecting it to be available on Monday, we are happy to announce that CTP5 is ready for consumption. We are almost done...
  • Rob Caron

    What's New in Team Edition for Database Pros, CTP 5

    The blogging activity from the product team indicates that CTP 5 of Team Edition for Database Professionals is just around the corner. See the following posts from the team to see what's coming soon: Gert Drapers - Importing SQL Scripts in to the Database...
  • Charlie Calvert's Community Blog

    Visual Studio.NET 2003 Service Pack 1 Released

    Visual Studio 2005 is the preferred environment for developers who want to keep up with the latest C# and .NET technologies. Those who are still using Visual Studio.NET 2003, however, will want to download the new service pack for that IDE. The service...
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