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  • Kintan's

    RTC blog update

    I had mentioned the launch of the official RTC blog, a few days ago. Currently our teams are finalizing the roll-out plans to make it the most useful to our readers. We plan to have the blog rolling from early January.
  • Kintan's

    One of the first blogs on Program Management

    Chris Pratley (a Group Program Manager in Office) had described his personal experiences about the role of program management, almost two years ago on his blog. This post has helped a lot of new (and wannabe) program managers(including me!) at Microsoft...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    WinFX December CTP Released

    The December CTP of WinFX has been released this morning along with some other related downloads. In addition to the WinFX Runtime Components and the Windows SDK (which has subsumed the WinFX SDK that used to be available separately), you can also download...
  • Beat Schwegler's 2 Cents

    We're looking for a new colleague

    We ( Arvindra , Kevin & I) are looking for a bright new colleague in the role of a Solution Architect Evangelist working for Microsoft EMEA HQ. If you’re an experienced architect who's passionate about technology as well as the business and you don...
  • search.subscribe.share in outlook 2007

    Instant Search - Part 3: The New User Interface

    All of the user research and testing data was carefully applied to the design of the new Outlook 12 Search experience. The goal was to stay true to the tenets mentioned earlier: simplicity, speed, and always being available. The key to the new search...
  • Michael Zammuto: Connected Systems, disconnected thoughts

    New CTP - WinFX December CTP

    New week, new software. They are still propagating across Microsoft's external servers so the links may not work for an hour or so. How is that for fresh from the oven? WinFX December CTP and the SDK and Visual Studio Extensions codenamed 'Orcas'....
  • OfficeRocker!

    Better Christmas results faster

    <jolly Santa-type colour for this post> Its been a busy few weeks (even the one I was on holiday for). We have closed out the beta and Rapid Deployment programmes for Office 12 now and have selected the customers and partners who will be working...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Bill and Melinda Gates (and Bono!) named Time magazine's "Persons of the Year"

    Well, the title says it all. BillG, his wife Melinda, and rocker Bono were named Time 's "Persons of the Year." “For being shrewd about doing good, for rewiring politics and re-engineering justice, for making mercy smarter and hope strategic and...
  • BizTalk Core Engine's WebLog

    ManageMessageRefCountLog SQL Agent Job failing in BETA2

    Since I have seen enough questions on this, I will officially post here about it (and we might have a KB Article on it ... not sure how that works for BETAs though). There is a new sql agent job you will find on the messagebox database server called ManageMessageRefCountLog_<messagebox>...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Happy Holidays

    It's that time of year again when most of the offices around Microsoft start going dark, and I'll be adding 42/2221 to that list for the next couple of weeks as I head off to New York for Christmas. My traditional check shows that I should...
  • Tom Archer's Blog

    Windows SDK, WinFX and Cider December CTP Released

    We've released the December CTP (Community Technology Preview) of several interrelated technologies this morning. These include the Windows SDK (with WinFX ) and and several "Orcas" technologies such as Cider (a Visual Designer for the Windows Presentation...
  • Steve Lange @ Work

    Timestamps and the Team Foundation Server

    I was recently asked about how date/time stamps are stored in the TFS. The concern was centered around distributed development that crosses timezones. If someone in the UK checks in a piece of code to a server in California, how will the stamp be preserved...
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