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  • [Profoundly Esoteric Image]

    VS 2005 Xml Editor Coolness

    Kzu has a top tip for the Xml Editor in Visual Studio 2005 . F12 for “Go to definition” works in instance documents and on elements in schema just as if it was C# code. Nice. BTW, this entry my first posted directly from Word 2007 – we’ll see...
  • Troubleshooting Microsoft SQL Server

    HRESULT: 0xC0202022 An error occurred due to no connection. A connection is required when requesting metadata.

    PROBLEM : If you are using Sybase as a OLEDB Source the list of tables can appear in the "Name of the Table or the View" drop down on the OLE DB Srouce Editor even if SSIS is in "offline". Once you select a table, then try to view the columns you get...
  • Speakers are Speaking in Code . . .

    MSDN Aggregation System Article

    An article I wrote for MSDN Magazine covering the metadata aggregation system my team developed has been published. Online version at . This article builds on the talk I gave at...
  • Ashish Jaiman's Blog


    Today we launched the site, a new developer community that focuses on the four new technologies included in the.NET Framework 3.0. this is a unified community site for the new .NET Framework 3.0 technologies. This new site will consolidate...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    Windows Vista Security – A Bigger Picture

    A couple of people have asked about the relationship between /GS , SAL and ASLR in Windows Vista. Here’s my perspective, and it’s much bigger than just /GS, SAL and ASLR alone. There are two overarching goals at work – the first is to reduce the number...
  • Steve Clayton

    Stack Wars: SBS vs. Linux

    David Overton's Blog : SBS vs Linux - don't take my work for it, listen to Vlad . There is a good discussion going on over at David’s blog about the use of Linux vs. SBS in the small business arena which links over to Vlad who stokes the fires...
  • Agile Database Development

    TLC Center Opens - TechEd

    At TechEd, the various booth/chalktalk/experts areas are all combined now to be the TLC area Technical Learning Center. Here is our little booth with Robert and Jon, two excellent members of the QA team. Notice the "DataDude" uniform. If you see anyone...
  • Paul Maher's Blog


    I have a request to make of you… By now I hope you have all seen the Application Security Website . If you take a look at the bottom of the homepage, you will see a section entitled…” Links to Other Security Content” . This area acts as a...
  • Keith Richie

    The Maestoso Interstellar Suite - Part II

    First I want to thank those who placed comments on and the emails I received with comments on Part I of The Maestoso Interstellar Suite . I was quite surprised at the many positive comments. I was hoping "someone" would like it, but didn't realize it...
  • JrzyShr Dev Guy

    This just in: WinFx is now .NET Framework 3.0

    I've always assumed "WinFx" was just a codename for the new developer technologies coming in the Windows Vista release. Now that has been confirmed. WinFx will now officially be known as the .NET Framework 3.0 . You can read more about it at Somasegar...
  • All Things SQL Server

    SQL Server Everywhere

    We're launching the first CTP of SQL Server Everywhere today! SQL Server Everywhere is a new, lightweght database you can load within the process of your application. We first announced this new SKU a few months ago, and it's an exciting addition to...
  • Microsoft Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Team Blog

    The ECM Starter Kit

    Hi, everyone! As a follow-up to my “ Introduction to SharePoint Workflow ” post on the SharePoint Team Blog, I’m very excited to introduce to you the Enterprise Content Management Starter Kit, a new resource we published on MSDN last week for developers...
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