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  • Adventures In SoftwareLand

    Shareware Industry Conference and The MicroISV Show

    On Wednesday I'm off to Denver Colorado to attend and present at the Shareware Industry Conference ( ) . I wanted to extend to attendees the offer of participating in an interview for the MicroISV Show that I produce for Channel9 ( http...
  • Eric Lee - A Humble Blog

    Hoping to improve my YouTube video resolutions

    Hey guys, The videos I posted on YouTube are pretty fuzzy right now – I played with a bunch of different screen resolutions and video sizes without much luck over the weekend. I’ve got an email out to YouTube now asking for some help. As soon as I...
  • Only Passionate People Win

    You and Your Manager

    I got a perfect article for you if you've been wondering about what the heck your manager does and how to work with him/her so that you can be successful. Deconstructing Managers Day 1 Deconstructing Managers Day 2 Deconstructing Managers Day 3 Deconstructing...
  • Andrew May's WebLog

    InfoPath Forms Management in Windows SharePoint Services V3

    Today I'd like to talk about how to store and manage XML forms (InfoPath and otherwise) in WSS V3. In general, forms have three special areas of functionality: · Property Promotion and Demotion This refers to promoting and demoting document data...
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog

    Big Deal Alerts

    Scenario: Kevin works at Bikes Corp. as Sales Manager. Kevin wants to ensure that each time a large opportunity (let us say greater than 5 million dollars) is converted into sale, he gets notified. As Kevin spends most of his time working inside Outlook...
  • go ahead, mac my day

    fake Leopard screenshot contest

    fun with rumours: the fake Leopard screenshot contest...
  • Hans VB's WebLog - For FREE!!!

    World Values

    Working with people all over the world and working for people in the EMEA region, it's important to understand the cultural differences between people. Cleaning up my inbox, I came accross a link to this site: . Very...
  • Geeky Storytelling

    Ready, set, go

    Well I've been onboard with MCS for a couple of weeks now. The volume of minutia to get setup/signed-up/trained-up in a corporation the size of Microsoft is truely daunting. On the upside, almost everything is just a click away (finding that click can...
  • Rob Caron

    Updating the Team Foundation Server Warehouse on Demand

    See Eric Lee ’s post on Updating the TFS Warehouse for a quick overview of how Team Foundation Server updates the warehouse automatically, and more importantly, how to update it on demand. However, there are times when you want to update the...
  • go ahead, mac my day

    Mac ad responses

    Best Week Ever has some Apple ad spoofs...
  • Windows Forms Documentation Updates

    SQL Server Everywhere

    Steve Lasker has a stream of information about this new technology. Start with his Info post and work your way up. SQL Server Everywhere is essentially SQL Server Mobile with the licensing restrictions removed, so that it can be deployed by client applications...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows XP Embedded Feature Pack CTP

    The Windows XP Embedded team has been working on a Feature Pack with a bunch of interesting features and are getting close to making this available as a Community Technology Preview (CTP), note that this isn't a Beta. I snagged the following from the...
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