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  • Nicholas Allen's Indigo Blog

    Resources for Channel Authors

    Here's a quick rundown of what you need to get started writing a custom channel for WCF. It doesn't matter whether you're writing a layered channel or transport, everything here is good to know about. Tools You Need Everyone needs the WinFX runtime...
  • Ken Levy's Blog

    My first podcast interview

    I was recently inteviewed in a podcast by Chris Overd and Harrison Hoffman when they were visiting the Microsoft main campus in Redmond along with others from the team. Refer to Interview with Ken Levy, Product Planner for the...
  • Ken Levy's Blog

    Windows Live Dev site coming soon at

    The Windows Live Platform is about opening Windows Live services to create shared opportunity for developers and businesses. Open Windows Live services via APIs and SDKs to 3rd parties to create a virtuous ecosystem that mutually benefits users, developers...
  • shlock (1) - Nigels Retrospective

    Great post on Migrating .NET 1.1 apps to 2.0

    Peter Laudati has an excellent post discussing the ins and outs of getting code across from 1.1 to 2.0. One thing that I wasn't aware of was that the ASP.NET team recently released a new Web Application Project template for VS2005 that essentially replicates...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Deploying TFS in the Developer Division at Microsoft

    You haven't heard from me for a while because I've been taking a bit of a break for the past month to help out at home with our new daughter. I returned to work on Monday. As I'm getting back into the swing of things, I thought it would be a great time...
  • Ken Levy's Blog

    Talking about the Windows Live Platform at VSLive in Orlando

    I'm currently in Orlando, Florida speaking later this morning at the VSLive conference on the Windows Live Platform for developers in back to back sessions titled Modern Web Development from Mashups to IM-Based Bots. The updated abstract for the dual...
  • Johnz Blog - The MscrmGuy

    Back from vacation

    Hi all: Sorry about the delay in new posts, I just got back from a 2 week vacation and since we traveled by car to Florida with our 2-year old and 5-year old, it was no vacation at all. So now I am trying to catch up on my rest and think of a good...
  • Steve Clayton

    Girl Geek's - love 'em!

    I went to my first Girl Geek Dinner last night in London and had a blast. I didn’t not quite what to expect and Eileen couldn’t make it so for a while I was the only softie and feeling a wee bit exposed (not literally). However, I soon felt...
  • Steve Clayton

    Media Player 11

    I can’t say any more than just go get the beta – it’s beaaaaaautiful. Pure techno lust and I have to install it now even though I’m shifting to Vista for production tomorrow. The search UI is just outstanding and a precursor of...
  • Roberdan

    CASAHL ecKnowledge 8.4 Supports Integration of SPS with Lotus Notes and it Companion Products

    CASAHL ecKnowledge 8.4 Supports Integration of SPS with Lotus Notes and it Companion Products, QuickPlace and Domino.Doc, and Exchange Public Folder Applications "BELLEVUE, WA – May 15, 2006 – CASAHL Technology, Inc. today announced the availability...
  • Shirantadka Rajashekhar

    Here comes a great new feature

    I am so excited to test the blogging feature of Office 2007 Beta 2. I am typing this blog entry in word and all I have to do is say publish from within the comfort of Word 2007. All the best Word 2007! You guys rock!!!
  • InterConnect Blog

    InterConnect 開発チームより

    皆さん、はじめまして。 InterConnect 開発チームの Blog サイトをオープンすることとなりました。 この Blog では、皆さんが日ごろから知りたいと思っていることや、実は紹介しきれていないけど、こんな便利なことが出来るんだ!といったことをご紹介していきます。 マイクロソフト InterConnect 開発チーム
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