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  • Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits

    Using ReaderWriterLock part 3 (last in this set)

    Well I think it's raining ReaderWriterLocks this month! Jeff Richter has an article on MSDN that goes over a lot of the basics and some stuff that's a lot more than basic. And then there's Vance Morrison's March article on the subject as well. Lots of...
  • Backstage @ Robotics

    Frank Evals

    Was scanning through our evals that we've collected from MEDC and I've seen many kudos and many really frank comments about certain sessions and certain activities in MEDC. Thanks for giving us that feedback. I'm also looking for additional comments....
  • Live Search News Search

    On April 19th we released a new version of site search for built entirely on the MSN Search platform . This is a great improvement from our previous site search solutions and one we think that people will find really useful for searching news...
  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    Agile mindset: pigs or chicken

    There are ham-and-eggs for breakfast —read: the current development project; there are two positions to take for team members: pig or chicken. Pigs are committed to the project. Chicken are only involved. Only pigs are allowed to take decisions...
  • Liza's Blog

    Tutorial 3, Lesson 3 Issue

    (posted to the newsgroups, edited for length and to remove personal information) This is from the SDK tutorials from BizTalk 2006. There have been typos/mistakes in earlier tutorials, so I am wondering if there is a step missing. Some previous typos...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Allofmp3 - down for bad.

    This news doesn't look good.... ( disclaimer time) I've been a customer for around 2 years, have been recommending the site for some time and currently have about $20 unspent credit caught up in there. I've never had problems with the...
  • PeteL's Blog

    personal: this side up.

    I figured I'd share this with both my personal and work blogs as it's kind of funny and a little humbling. In my personal blog, I always write in smallcaps, so just ignore that fact, and hopefully you'll get a laugh out of my morning. my friend heath...
  • Ade Famoti's Unified Communications Blog

    Exchange Journaling: Literacy issues

    When you implement Exchange journaling, the content-identifer (PR_CONTENT_IDENTIFIER) of the journal messages are expected to be "ExjournalData", or with envelope journaled messages "ExjournalReport" This header "Content-Identifier" is misspelled in...
  • Joe Stagner - Frustrated by Design !

    My first week in the New Role

    Well, last week was my first week on the Web Platform and Tools Product Team. I spent it in Redmond, primarily in “Top Secret” meetings with another software company. Since this both a new role for me, as well as a new role at Microsoft, I thought I’d...
  • Ryan's OneDrive Developer Blog

    Outlook on MSDN TV

    A couple of weeks ago Randy and I were filmed discussing what’s new in the Outlook object model and extensibility for MSDN TV. Aside from a high level introduction to new features in Outlook 2007, we also drill down into our demo applications and show...
  • BorisJ's Blog

    Back to blogging

    It turns out Word 2007 supports blogging. This will be my grand excuse to start blogging again.
  • Rob Caron

    CodePlex in Beta!

    CodePlex , which is built on Team Foundation Server, just went live with a public beta today. During the Beta period, they’re adding a select number of projects each week. Currently, you’ll find some projects that were previously on GotDotNet, such as...
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