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  • new rss feeds

    One thing that isn't so nice about the new site is that all of the file listings do not roll up into one single nice syndication feed. I want the ability to aggregate all of the files into nice rss feeds so I can stay on top of samples...
  • Mattias Lindberg

    configurationHelper: Easy to use config-store

    configurationHelper is the second utility class I will discuss, it provides a simple and flexible configuration system that do not require you to predefine configuration entities in a schema. Location of config-file The configuration information is...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    My first MacBook - belongs to my spouse.

    I forced convinced my wife to buy a MacBook for her new small business (she agreed to an Apple only because the hardware is cool and because it runs Windows, too). It arrived in time for the July 4th weekend. What can I say, she hasn’t had a chance...
  • ReuvenLax

    Last Post

    As of this week, I no longer work at Microsoft. As such, this is my last post. My blog will continue at Reuven
  • notes and rants

    Testing != Bug finding

    It’s probably been close to five years since I was in a room filled with twenty or so test leads and blurted out “it’s not the job of test to find bugs”. On that particular day, you could have heard a pin drop, but over time, that team – as well as other...
  • Windows Vista's Guided Help

    Guided Help blogcast

    There's a cool screen capture video of Guided Help in action. I haven't seen these blogcasts a lot before, but they're pretty cool - maybe we'll have to do some. I'm tickled by the phrase "virtual whiz-kid" - that's definitely how I'd like users to feel...
  • search.subscribe.share in outlook 2007

    Dupes part deux

    There's been some conversations going on about how Outlook is handling duplicate RSS items and what that means for bloggers. Sorry for the confusion – what we've done in Outlook 2007 recently around duplicates is to reduce the erroneous amount that occur...
  • KMorrill's WebLog

    The power of workflow visibility...

    I read an interesting article this morning: Microsoft Working Through Windows Vista Bugs TechWeb- July 10, 2006 A Windows developer and consultant who analyzed a database of reported Windows Vista bugs says Microsoft has been quickly addressing...
  • Alan Gasperini's blog

    Using multiple value converters with a binding

    Data binding is an extrememly cool avalon feature that lets you automatically populate UI with data. Value converters supply a generic way to adapt a model to the view without having to write custom code. For instance, it is fairly common to set visibility...
  • John Bristowe's Weblog

    [Podcasts] Joey deVilla Discusses DemoCamp on Developer Night in Canada (DNIC)

    Joey deVilla on DemoCamp In the latest episode of Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) , Joey DeVilla and I chat about DemoCamp and events in the Toronto area. The RSS feed for Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) is available here . Alternatively, you...
  • Home of the Data Dude

    CTP4 is there

    From Mexico, yes I am on vacation, I wanted to let you know that CTP4 is ready for you trlo download and take it for a spin. The main new thing is...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Video - The wonders of international business (at Microsoft)

    I've worked on both sides of the Microsoft international equation - in the UK as the sub rep on various projects trying to get corp to understand the local market 'situation and challenges' and more recently in Redmond as the 'Corp' program manager acting...
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