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  • Gianpaolo's blog

    SaaS Simple Maturity Model

    A few days ago, Fred and I hosted a BoF at the OpSource Saas Summit . It was a great discussion. Most of the 15 people who came to the BoF were startups exec. the few others were architects / director of dev. at larger companies. The discussion...
  • Elton's Ark

    Got an error today: EventType clr20r3, P1...

    Today after I compiled my winform program in Windows XP with .NET Framework 2.0, I copied the assembly to another Windows 2003 ENT Server. When I run this program in W2k3 server, nothing responded, and following message is created in Application Events...
  • Chaitanya's Blog

    Report viewer for an xml log

    This is a follow up to the previous blog where I explained how to create an xml build log for teambuild. This is code for a sample report viewer that shows the msbuild build log in the form of a tree with the various build events as nodes (Check attached...
  • A.J.Anto's WebLog

    How to programatically set/view the DNS settings.

    How to programmactically set/view the DNS settings that we set in the DNS tab of the Server/Scope/Reservation property page? Before we investigate how to retrieve this information, let me first explain to you that this information is persisted as a DHCP...
  • Vinayak's WebLog

    The new catalog system in Commerce Server 2007 ... Part II

    5. New features in Export Import/Export is one of the features we took a new look at in Commerce Server 2007, studied customer feedback and came up with a number of configurable options which should address most of typical scenarios like staging, LOB...
  • Evil Genius in Training just went online!

    I just put online. This site will be the start of my online endeavors outside of The site will contain mostly WinFx related material, but for now has a number of things already posted to my blog. While I need to speak...
  • Greg Schechter's Blog

    Under the Hood of the Desktop Window Manager

    I've made a grand total of one post in about the last 21 months. What have I been doing during this time? Why, working on the new Desktop Window Manager for Windows Vista, of course! The Desktop Window Manager (DWM) is one of the more visible features...
  • MSDN & TechNet Search Blog

    MSDN Search powered by MSN - v1 Review and Next Steps

    The Search team is just coming to the end of our 1st production development cycle with the new codebase. After a dozen or so public builds and plenty of feedback, the project has been signed off for production. It'll take a few days to get the release...
  • 介绍微软新技术的中文小课程


    有问题请给我发邮件 这个小课件是介绍如何利用VS2005 的webparts 的功能的. 这个课程涉及的东西比较多, 不容易一次说清楚. 我会尽快把相关的课程翻译出来. 热情推荐您访问 Thom Robbins 的BLOG
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    Command line switches for Windows hotfix setup packages

    Every so often I get questions from customers who ask about how to automate the installation of Windows hotfix packages. I found a knowledge base article that contains a full list of supported command line parameters for Windows hotfix packages that I...
  • 介绍微软新技术的中文小课程

    ASP.NET Master Page 简介

    我翻译的第二个小课件. 有问题请给我发邮件 这个小课件是介绍如何利用VS2005 的Master Page 的功能的. Master Page 的功能统一了一个网站的视觉效果(Look and Feel)的同时, 避免了重复的程序. 具体请见下面 如果你看到英文版的小课件, 想让我翻译成中文,请回复此贴. 热情推荐您访问 Thom Robbins 的BLOG...
  • john devadoss' blog

    The Tyranny of the Buzzword

    Living through the ESB and the SOA buzz I am acutely aware of the tyranny of the buzzword - Do you have an ESB? What is your SOA strategy? My ESB is better than your ESB! Mr. Customer you need an SOA! - and I lost sleep about the implications of the relentless...
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