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  • James Manning's blog

    common diff/merge configuration values

    Last week there was some analysis of how various tools did during particular merge operations (especially cherry-pick). I got the word back from one of the people in that effort that my personal favorite 3-way merge tool ( KDiff3 ) did quite horribly...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Cool Visual Studio 2005 Feature: Snippets and Document Inference

    I love learning new featuresof Visual Studio. Today, I saw an email from Chris Lovett where he showed a feature of snippets that I had no idea existed. Intellisense in an XML document will actually create an XML document inferred from an associated schema...
  • Chk Your Dsks

    Can VSS deal with memory mapped files?

    A developer recently asked us this question: “I seem to recall that VSS cannot handle memory mapped files, am I right? I need to instrument a consistent backup procedure across MSMQ and SQL. I thought of doing both within a shadow copy set but MSMQ engine...
  • SAP Global Alliance Technology Team Blog

    CTSC: PDK for Microsoft .NET

    In late December SAP published the new Portal Development Kit for Microsoft .NET (PDK for Microsoft .NET) version 2.0 on . For those of you un familiar with the PDK for Microsoft .NET , here is a short overview of its functionality and main...
  • NETNew WebLog

    Maybe not brrreeeport, more like the "brrrr report"

    Went to put the docks back in at Nereid Boat Club on Saturday - was fine for a while, but all of a sudden the wind reversed direction, the temperature dropped about 20 dgrees, and snow started blowing horizontally. That was the end of the dock installation...
  • One Louder

    Becoming a big fan of working from home

    It's starting to freak me out a little bit. I used to be so adamant about needing the separation between "work" and "home" and using the drive home to try to purge my mind of all professional noise. This has totally changed recently. Now closing the computer...
  • NETNew WebLog

    Upcoming Peak Performance Summits in Manufacturing

    Announcing the Peak Performance Summit Series We have a series of events coming up in March and April highlighting business issues and industry case studies involving customers who have achieved success with Microsoft and our partners in the following...
  • Musings on Data

    Upgrading Reporting Services - What about my Report Definitions (RDLs)?

    Some folks have asked me what happens when I upgrade my RS 2000 to an RS 2005 deployment with respect to Report Definitions (RDLs). This is an interesting lifecycle problem that we’ve approached using the following idea: What you publish to the report...
  • NETNew WebLog

    Steve Ballmer remarks at CERAWeek Oil & Gas conference last week

    It is a commentary on the progress Microsoft has made in becoming a partner to the oil and gas industry that Ballmer was able to speak at one of teh major events of the year. Remarks posted at
  • Sajee's WebLog

    Team System Add on tools

    Via Rob's blog , here's an unofficial list of useful tools for VSTS/TFS:
  • Brad Abrams

    Video plug for Atlas talk at Mix...

    Shanku , Bertrand Le Roy and I recently shot a spot about our Atlas\Ajax presence at Mix ... I’d love to hear thoughts... what would you like to hear us cover? Here is a list of the breakouts that are directly Ajax focused... There is also some good information...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Reminder – MCT User Group

    What: This is a user group meeting for MCTs and Speakers. Who: Open to all current or former MCTs and Speakers. Where: Microsoft New England District: Waltham, MA When 6:00 PM Price...
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