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  • Keith Richie

    Sidetracks - Volume 4 - Eye of the Innocent

    Another big release for me this week :) This time, instead of release 2.5 of the SharePoint Utility Suite, it's Volume 4 in my Sidetracks series of music :) Check it out here!!!! - Keith
  • One Louder

    Hot job for Marketing-Savvy Editor

    I don't often recruit on editor positions, but the hiring manager for this position in MSN contacted me today and asked if I knew of any strong candidates. I'm pretty sure that some of you out there have editorial backgrounds; some of you have even sent...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Announcing the WinfX Code Jam

    Friday, May 26, 2006 8:30 AM - 12:15 PM Microsoft New England District Office: Waltham , MA 201 Jones Rd. , Sixth Floor Waltham Massachusetts 02451 United States WinFX is a brand name for a set of modern technologies, designed to be the...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Makes you think

    So Duane is a security guy by trade. He spends his days working with Patrick . I never really noticed the similarity until Phil pointed it out to me.
  • Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog

    Solution Highlight: LoopNet

    LoopNet, the #1 commercial real estate service online, recently launched a new map search service built on Virtual Earth. The LoopNet solution utilizes Virtual Earth to provide an autorefreshing query for commercial real estate based on the VE Map Control...
  • Mark Gabarra's Blog

    Is there an easy way to enumerate the bindings listed in configuration?

    This question has crossed my desk in a couple of different forms: Is there an easy way to enumerate the bindings listed in configuration? How do I enumerate the available bindings? How do I enumerate all of the bindings exposed in...
  • Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog

    Solution Highlights

    Often I find developers asking questions about what kinds of applications have been built on Virtual Earth, other than the generally mashup oriented stuff on . Basically, what commercial reference implementations exist. So, I am...
  • Paddling Upstream

    Parsing Windows Media Services 9 Log Files

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. Parsing Windows Media Services 9 Log Files Windows Media Services (WMS) logging is a very broad and complex subject, but it is covered in depth by this white paper about...
  • Nagi Punyamurthula

    Microsoft Management Summit - MMS 2006, San Diego, California

    This week Microsoft is holding the MMS 2006 event in San Diego, California between April 24th-April 28th 2006. As usual, the floor was full with attendees ranging from GISVs, Enterprise IT Management and Developers. Bob Muglia (BobMu), Sr. VP Server and...
  • Dean Rowe's WebLog

    New Windows Vista Team Blog

    The Windows Vista team blog was recently launched and includes posts from Lorrin Maughan who is a Product Manager with the Windows Client Marketing organization which covers Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker. There is one post about the Windows...
  • Windows @ Brasil

    UAC - User Account Control

    O objetivo do UAC é reduzir o acesso ao sistema operacional através do uso de contas de usuário padrões e limitar o nível administrativo nos processos vitais. Este limite minimiza o poder do usuário em alterar as configurações que poderiam desestabilizar...
  • : Gregory (Gus) Class's Media Technology Blog

    Xbox 360 Blade background customiization!

    Major Nelson explains how users can change the background image on the 360 blade to a hi-def image from the water balloon fight that the Xbox team hosted in Australia. I never knew that I could change the background image, that's rather cool! Doctored...
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