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  • Keith Richie

    SPUserUtil (a.k.a the little tool that went BOOM!)

    I’ve decided that I’m not going to put much more effort into the 2.5 incarnation of SPUserUtil for reasons I’ll explain in a moment. What I will be doing over the next few days is the following: Updating it to utilize a resource file for syntax...
  • Harrys Blog

    Toward 2020 Science - Microsoft Research Cambridge report

    Microsoft Research Cambridge recently has published together with 34 scientists “ Towards 2020 Science ”. This reports elaborates 10 recommendation is following fields: · Science and innovation should become highest priority · What aspects will...
  • Microsoft Senior Sales Excellence Manager - Eric Ligman

    So, what have we become and who do you think we are?

    For several years now, you have seen the logo above associated with the various components of what has become the Small Business Channel Community. Now, I am looking to you for your thoughts and suggestions about the future. When I first set out...
  • Keith Richie

    SPSiteManager 2.0 Perftest and Update

    A couple more changes to SPSiteManager 2.0 before I spread the icing on top (Uh, I mean finish the documentation :)) When I distributed the last package of the SharePoint Utility Suite It was based on an argument processor I wrote called XAP (That...
  • A Freaky Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog

    Convergence 2006 started!

    Live and direct form the Convention Center in Dallas, Texas it is the MS CRM Freak reporting. It officially started some minutes ago and we are expecting 7000 attendees. What can you expect for Microsoft CRM 3.0: - 2 General Sessions - 6 Hands on Labs...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Check out PWOPCatcher

    Very cool Alpha from Carl ! Definitely worth checking out. Here are some of the high points from his post: I am hereby announcing an alpha version at . Here are the features in a nutshell: Subscribe to RSS feeds that...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Visual Studio Team System - Best Practices for the Whole Team

    For those attending the special edition VSTS class this week. Richard has posted the agenda and overview of the class here . <<View the Class Agenda>>
  • Visio


    前回はテンプレートのインストール方法を解説しました。インストールしたテンプレートがスタートアップ画面で映えるよう、オリジナルのプレビュー画像を埋め込んでみましょう。必要なのは使いたい画像だけです。 まずプレビューに使用する画像ですが、表示サイズはかなり小さくなりますので、それを考慮した画像を用意しましょう。Visio 起動時に表示される各テンプレートの画像を参考にしてください。あまり細かい画像だとプレビュー画像として機能しないこともあります。この画像を EMF 形式で保存しておいてください...
  • OfficeRocker!

    Blogcast: Outlook 2007 (14mins)

    In this blogcast I demo some of the new features of Outlook 2007. In particular I look at how it can consume RSS feeds and show off some of the great integration with SharePoint Server 2007 as well. Also have a look at the OneNote 2007 blogcast which...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Musing

    Type forwarding

    Suppose I have developed a wonderful library. It contains some base types and extended functionalities on top of the base types. I publish the library and people are happily using it. Life is wonderful. Now I am up to develop the v2 version of the...
  • WebLog de Stéphane PAPP [MSFT]

    Impossible de découvrir des ordinateurs dans l’AD après avoir installé le framework .NET 2.0

    La fiche technique 913812 décrit le problème. Seule une traduction automatique est disponible en français. Le correctif pour des installations anglaises de MOM est disponible sur :
  • Inside Architecture

    Jacob and the data

    When Jacob gets going, the best thing to do is step back and watch. He stands, all five-foot-six of him, at a white board, "speaking" through the myriad of boxes, arrows, and random words scrawled across the not-quite-white surface, as though to add another...
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