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  • mfp's two cents

    Interview on upcoming Dynamics AX book

    Yesterday I was interviewed by Harish Mohanbabu on the upcoming development book on Dynamics AX. Today the interview was published at:
  • David Wang

    HOWTO: Diagnose One Cause of "%1 is not a valid Win32 application" on IIS6 on 64bit Windows

    Question: I have a new development server that i put together on a Windows 2003 64 bit machine. I also have SQL Server 2005 and Developers Studio 2005 and 2003 installed on this machine. I have executed the "Enable32bitAppOnWin64 1" command, as per...
  • Rajendra S Rawat's Blog

    Tech-Ed 2006 Presentations

    For those who could not attend Tech-Ed 2006, due to any reasons… You may download the ppts for the event from here
  • Rajendra S Rawat's Blog

    The competition continues the AJAX way

    With Gmail ... Windows Live Mail … Yahoo Mail Beta (if you are in Ireland or UK you might already be using Yahoo Mail Beta – almost outlook like interface) …all free web based emails…all Ajax based and all in Betas; the interfaces are going simpler, faster...
  • Rajendra S Rawat's Blog

    Hello CS and bye .Text

    Hey … I'm not new to blogging:) ... was just too busy to blog… also I wanted to have my blog in Community Server. and after joining Microsoft got the opportunity J You may access my previous blogs at: ...
  • FinServ Blog

    Matching Data Access to Computing Speeds

    What happens when the latest processors are outpace data delivery? Delays. High latency and poor scalability often pose challenges that significantly impact a financial services firm's profitability and risk exposure. The 'GemFire™ on Intel® for Financial...
  • FinServ Blog

    XBRL -- SEC Looks for Volunteers

    The SEC is prodding companies to start reporting their financial data in a format called XBRL, nicknamed interactive data. Annual and quarterly reports filed this way can be "read" by computers, allowing investors to pull revenue, net income or any other...
  • Palle Agermark's WebLog

    What does inputSearch do

    Another question I got from a colleague today is about the inputSearch method on form controls. You can set up a control to search for the input you have entered in the control, e.g. a customer account number, rather that overwriting data. On the control...
  • .NET con tropezones

    Más difícil todavía...

    Pensaba que era un mito pero lo acabo de encontrar en Internet: ¡Un Sudoku en T-SQL! P.D.Como dicen Ricardo Varela y Chema Alonso en sus charlas de hacking, nunca subestimes el poder del aburrimiento...
  • Microsoft Robotics Blog

    Okay I have installed the bits, what’s next?

    I suggest that you start with the tutorials to gain familiarity with the programming concepts and the runtime. There are three categories of tutorials installed with Microsoft Robotics Studio ( MSRS ) Service Tutorial: Step by step the reader...
  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    using UIAutomation

    With Beta 2 most developers inside Microsoft has started playing with Vista. Among a lot of uber-cool features one of the interesting feature is UIAutomation . This is the next-gen assistive/UI-Automation technology that succeeds Active Accessibility...
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM UK Blog

    Reuben Krippner's Guest Spot: More great material on Virtual PC

    Hot Wit You... Greetings all, a quick note of world cup reflection from an unbiased Australian perspective before we begin today's article (forgive me all Italian fans out there) but WE WERE ROBBED!!! :-) OK, now that is out of my system, here beginneth...
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