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  • Communications Sector Conversations

    One Week Out for the One Day Mobile Dev Camp Atlanta Event

    We're excited to announce the fourth in a series of barcamp-style events for the upcoming Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 OS! WinMoDevCamp Atlanta | October 30, 2009 WinMoDevCamp is a series of upcoming not-for-profit gatherings to develop applications...
  • SublimaCtion

    Teasing et Countdown… J-8

    Voilà voilà… Encore un jour de moins nous séparant du 24 Septembre , le jour J. Ca semble calme de chez vous sans doute, mais ici on pédale, je vous assure ;) Et non, le teasing ne porte pas sur ce que vous pouvez voir dans le programme publié en ligne...
  • Nikhil Singhal's Blog

    New post on programming interviews on FileSystemWatcher

    I just posted a new post on how to monitor file system changes using FileSystemWatcher in C# at my new blog @ Programming Interview Series . You can read the post in detail at
  • Dev Pulse

    Next Generation ALM with Visual Studio vNext

    Last month, during TechEd North America , we were introduced to some of the new features that were coming in the next version of Visual Studio, specifically in the area of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). My colleague Susan Ibach ( @HockeyGeekGirl...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Devices and "The Cloud", Part 3

    Posted By Robert Peterson
    Senior Product Manager

    In my last post I talked about some scenarios where OEMs could expand their business (data analytics, services, solutions), yet those could all be hosted in their data center. So why use the cloud?
    Datacenters have to be built to support the highest level of demand by users which can be either internal or external.  The ability to meet the demand of users requires lots of servers and infrastructure, which requires advance planning and investment.
    This demand is usually not constant and can increase at certain times (monthly, seasonal, even time of day…meaning most infrastructure investments are idle a portion of the time).
    An easy to understand example could be an online retailer – the holiday season increases the demand on their infrastructure, if the infrastructure can’t meet demand the business can’t handle the transactions, losing revenue and customers.  
    A tax preparation company is another example – as tax deadlines approach, the demand on the infrastructure peaks. If the infrastructure can’t handle the demand, customers can’t be serviced, losing business.
    Both examples require heavy infrastructure investment in the traditional datacenter model, however both can benefit from moving the cloud, looking at the example below:


    Comments Cloud Services & Management

  • Ideas & Solutions Etc.

    Remove Orphan PWA

    I had a test web application with PWA provisioned and I just deleted the web application without unprovisioning the PWA. Now I run Get-Spdatabase and I got those PWA databases showing there even after I deleted the databases from the SQL server. I tried...
  • Supply Chain Management in Dynamics AX

    Which devices can you use for Warehouse Mobile Device Portal?

    We have been asked a number of times for a list of the physical devices that can be used with the Warehouse Mobile Device Portal (WMDP). The answer is that we did not certify WMDP for any particular models of mobile devices, so I’m not able to provide...
  • Blog de l'équipe support IIS/Azure France -- French IIS/Azure Support Team Blog

    Comment analyser des logs IIS avec LogParser / LogParser Studio

    Dans un article de blog précédent , j'expliquais comment utiliser Excel pour analyser des logs IIS. Toutefois, quand le log est volumineux ou quand vous voulez automatiser cette opération, Excel n'est pas forcément le meilleur...
  • Jim O'Neil - Technology Evangelist

    Web Camp Spring Tour – March 27th

    If you follow Scott Guthrie’s blog , you’ll be aware of some recent releases in both the ASP.NET and Windows Azure segments of the Microsoft stack, and in about two weeks you can immerse yourself in all that goodness - with a free, all-day Web Camp on...
  • Chewy Chong - Developer Evangelist Singapore

    MSDN Connection Evening – Aug06: Meet the Redmond VB Product Team

    Singapore's .NET User Group (SGDOTNET) and MSDN Singapore would like to invite you to a special session with two members of the Visual Basic Team from Redmond. They will be in Singapore for one day (layover between flights) and would like to share with...
  • UK Premier Support for Developers

    Blueprints Example: View-Presenter - Part 2

    This article follows on from part 1 , so make sure you know how far we got. Basically we can generate a project according to our required template, so next we want to be able to add a new View-Presenter enabled Web Page to the project. We’ll do this...
  • Constanze's Mobile Musings

    Going to PDC?

    Make sure to attend the pre-conference to get a full day of comprehensive training on Windows Mobile application development. Renowned Windows Mobile experts Doug Boling and Jim Wilson will share their experiences with you gained through years of training...
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