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  • Windows and .NET Programming

    OpenDoc tool reloaded

    In a previous post , I described a tool for editing OpenXML documents from a managed context. I've added three more features for some common tasks: 1. Remove a part Syntax: OpenDoc.exe -r <Input file> <Part> Sample usage scenarios...
  • bharry's WebLog

    Connect でのバグ処理と透明性

    この 2 ~ 3 年、私はかなり頻繁にブログで自分のチームの透明性について書いてきました。社内でも積極的に透明性の重要性を主張しています。今日紹介するブログに注目したのは、透明性に関する優れた見解が述べられており、ユーザーから サイトをとおして寄せられたバグを私たちがどのように処理しているかが的確に説明されていたからです。これとは逆に、私たちがバグの報告を受け付けず、それについて納得できる理由も伝えないために、ユーザーが気分を害してしまうという状況も実によく目にします...
  • The MSDN Australia Blog

    REMIX is in the mix

    Hey guys, We are getting very close to locking in Remix, an industry conference bringing developers and designers together to shape the next generation of web.  We want to make this REMIX the best, so we have set up a “special projects unit”. We...
  • o-LIVE-r

    Silverlight 4 ist da!

    Ab sofort lässt sich die neue Version Silverlight 4 unter herunterladen! Sie bietet erweiterte Funktionen zur Ausführung außerhalb des Browsers, Verbesserungen für Entwickler von Enterprise-Anwendungen wie Druckerunterstützung...
  • Steve Clayton

    The geek in me loves Retro Gamers

    A stunning video PIXELS: Retro Gamers from addwork The geek in me loves this video…hope you do too. I only wish I was 5% as creative as folks like this.
  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Ever downloaded a product and thought ok what now?

    Have you heard of Channel 9… Channel 9 is all about the conversation. Channel 9 should inspire Microsoft and our customers to talk in an honest and human voice. Channel 9 is not a marketing tool, not a PR tool, not a lead generation...
  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Imagine Cup 2014

    Competitions We have three primary competitions: Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship. General information on these competitions can be found on our website at Here a quick summary of the 2014 competitions. World Citizenship...
  • Notes from the Field

    Date for Denver Partner MS BI Presentation

    Michael Patterson and I will be in Denver May 21, 2008. Location and time TBD. I will post an update as that information becomes available. My presentation will focus on creating high quality assisted evaluations to better demonstrate the MS BI stack...
  • Новости Русского MSDN

    30 новых поступлений в галерее элементов управления ASP.NET!

    Добавьте в свои веб-приложения галерею , средство пролистывания страниц для MVC-приложений , кнопки с динамическими изображениями и многие другие новейшие компоненты из галереи элементов управления ASP.NET .
  • Новости Русского MSDN

    System.Collections.Generic.SortedSet: кому нужен еще один набор?

    В .NET 4.0 включен дополнительный класс-набор: SortedSet(T). На первый взгляд он вроде бы не дает ничего нового. Вероятно, вас заинтересовало, зачем нам понадобился еще один способ хранения объектов. В этой статье объясняются мотивы создания нового типа...
  • while (alive) { writeCode(); }

    Trivia: Shared Service Providers

    Every SSP that is created in a farm is represented to the world by a virtual directory configured beneath the Office Server Web Services web application that's configured on every node within a SharePoint farm. The Office Server Web Services web application...
  • Satisfy Me

    Snowing in Seattle

    New Seattle snow + no sitter = no evening out. ;( We had to cancel our busy evening plans due to several factors, much of which was due to snow. Up to a couple of inches in our area, much of which has stuck for the night. (It's not that common.) Oh, well...
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