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  • Jason Sacks's Windows SDK blog

    One-button publishing - the holy grail

    A couple of weeks ago, a user asked why we couldn't post the Vista Developer Story as browsable docs online instead of in .chm form, and why we couldn't just click one button and get docs published online. It's a good question. In my past life as a...
  • LUTI @ Microsoft

    Introdução e fragmentação no SQL Server 2000

    Estreia do meu blog na Microsoft, vamos ver no que vai dar... Primeiro minha apresentação: meu nome é Luciano Caixeta Moreira, tenho 26 anos e acabei de entrar na Microsoft ocupando o cargo de Premier Field Engineer, focando nas áreas de banco de dados...
  • Feng Yuan (袁峰)

    Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw (ISBN 0130869856) gets reprinted

    Just worked out a deal with the publisher. Windows Graphics Programming: Win32 GDI and DirectDraw (ISBN 0130869856) is getting reprinted ! So readers can get them without paying high price (current price on is $150). The books will be ready...
  • Keith Smith's Blog

    ASP.NET "Atlas" January 2006 Release

    The January 2006 Community Tech Preview (CTP) of ASP.NET "Atlas" is now available at . New features include: Error handling in ScriptManager and UpdatePanel Support for HTTP redirects during partial rendering A new UpdateProgress...
  • Rob Caron

    Team Foundation Installation Guide Updated

    We just finished posting an update to the Team Foundation Installation Guide (TFSInstall-v60208.chm). You can find it in its usual spot: . I don’t have a ready list of changes, but some of the fixes were...
  • Paul Maher's Blog

    Are you a developer with a security story?

    We're looking for developers who have an experience with security that they would like to share with the world. What do we mean by "experience"? Some examples: 1. Your code has been attacked by malware or a hacker and the steps you took to recover...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    A poor man's technique for playing DVDs on Media Center eXtenders

    Today’s entry continues the discussion of Windows XP Media Center Edition and details how to play ripped DVDs on Media Center eXtender devices. An MCX device allows you to view content from a computer running Media Center on another TV. The thought is...
  • Clark Sell

    TFS RC Feedback Survey

    Here is your a chance to provide valuable feedback to the Team Foundation product team.
  • D/1195

    Search Discovery; Extending IE7

    I have added " Search Discovery " to CSUpdate. I think your search button should have lighted up by now, if you are using IE7. Search Discovery The Beta 2 Preview also allows sites to advertise additional search providers that might be interesting...
  • Rob Caron

    Borland Leaves IDE Business

    Wow, this is big news: Borland, based here, is acquiring Lexington, Mass.-based Segue in a deal worth about $100 million and is dropping its IDE tools business, which analysts estimate to be worth about $60 million to $100 million. And: ...
  • All About Interop

    Gosling is still peddling this junk?

    “[Java] is like the marketplace where you go and take your pick of technologies and .NET is a Microsoft product that gives you no chance to choose,” said [James] Gosling. From
  • IEBlog

    The Keyboard Lover’s Guide to IE7

    Many are content to spend all day clicking fancy looking buttons or menu items in order to get their tasks accomplished, but those who know the correct keyboard and mouse shortcuts can often get around applications more efficiently: Browsing the web with...
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