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  • SBSC Canada Blog

    MDOP technical training this December

    If you aren’t taking advantage of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) yet for your medium-sized clients (50 PCs +), this is your chance to learn everything you need about it. There is 2-day technical training being offered to teach IT professionals...
  • ロバート的ライフサイクル: Infinite Possibilities in a Finite World

    Olympics Ice Hockey

    はい、全く技術とは関係ありません。製品とも関係ありません。もはや、普通の個人のブログなネタです (笑) 先日のカナダ vs. アメリカ戦を観れず、だだ凹みでしたが・・・ 代わりと言ってはなんですが、カナダ vs. ドイツ戦を観戦中。   ドイツの Head Coach は、あら、これは Uwe Krupp (ウーヴェー・クループ) じゃあーりませんか。 懐かしい。現役の頃は、Buffalo Sabers (弱かったころ) のディフェンスマンですよ。背番号4だったと思う・・・ ・・・誰も分からないっすよね...
  • MSDN UK Team blog

    The week that was – 31 August–3 September

    What with the Bank Holiday and all, it’s been a short but substantial week for the UK MSDN blog. Here’s what’s had the UK MSDN team’s tongues wagging since Tuesday. Tuesday’s post brought news of new Hotmail features with Exchange ActiveSync – I know...
  • Matt Pilgrim - Talking 'Soft


    An example of a beautifully simple device with a plethora of potential uses. The sensecam developed by Microsoft research team in Cambridge is essentially a digital camera that you wear around your neck that takes pictures periodically throughout your...
  • RonInTheCloud

    Beloved Service Bus

    The Service Bus concept is so cool and human-friendly. As Azure is investing more in the cloud, Azure Service Bus is supposed to be more powerful. When I tried with Service Bus Queue implementation more than a year ago, it was already impressive, except...
  • MSDN Up North

    Ting du bør vite før du installerer SP1

    Det er et par ting man bør være klar over før man installerer Service Pack 1 for VS/VSTS/TFS/.NET 3.5. Brian Harry fra VSTS-teamet har plukket opp feedback fra mange som har installert og oppsummerer litt av ting man bør være oppmerksom på i bloggen sin...
  • Shake to Develop

    Keybinding Cheat Sheet for 2-May-2008 Web Cast

    I promised you guys I'd provide a cheat sheet for everything I presented at my web cast "Amazing Things You Don't Know About Visual Studio 2008, But Should!" Here it is. (Want to see the web cast again? It's now available on-demand. Simply follow the...
  • blambert's blog

    An invariant version of the same…

    An invariant version of the same… /// <summary> /// Extends StringBuilder so that it has an AppendFormatLineInvariant method. /// </summary> /// <param name="value"> The StringBuilder being extended. </param> //...
  • : Gregory (Gus) Class's Media Technology Blog

    Awesome Halo Cover at High School Talent show

  • Vishal's views on Windows phone!

    Vista Application Compatibility Factory

    Vista Application Compatibility Factory (ACF)- This is an excellant new initiative to engage with Microsoft to test Application Compatibility on windows vista. It think this program will provide a a good pro-active way to estimate the status of applications...
  • MSDN | Portugal

    Segurança no Desenvolvimento de Aplicações com Visual Basic.NET e Visual C#

    Saiba como adicionar segurança ao desenvolvimento de aplicações com Visual Studio. Assine as mensagens criadas e verifique as recebidas, utilizando o Visual Studio Team Foundation System para monitorizar os bugs. Obrigada
  • Martín Cabrera

    .NET 3.5 Enhancements Training Kit

    Este training kit posee presentaciones, hands-on labs y demos de las siguientes tecnologías: ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET Dynamic Data ASP.NET AJAX History ASP.NET Silverlight Controls ADO.NET Data Services ADO.NET Entity Framework Súper recomendable...
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