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  • votive, wix, vsip, and all things microsoft

    Robert Scoble visits our Wix night

    The Scobleizer visited our weekly Wix night last night . He took a picture but both K and I got robbed. K's laptop is on the left side of the picture and I'm behind Robert taking the picture. :) Oh well, maybe we'll be in the video when it appears on...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    More OOBE experiences - D&D Online

    Back in January, I wrote about the OOBE of my iRiver H10 player , and I've got another horrid first run story today. Daniel's been pestering us to get DnD Online , and yesterday it arrived. I figured I'd install it for him (to save him the trouble...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    Visual Studio Users: Complain!

    It is not my custom to volunteer to be a "Blog Repeater". In this case however, the request comes from my favorite and the best software usability engineer in the world. Shouts out to a couple of my buddies who've also been seduced into blogstitution...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    When is a keyword not a keyword?

    Many languages have a very strict definition of what a keyword is. The word "for" has a specific meaning, and you can't use it anywhere else in the program. C# does have this kind of keyword - you can find the usual list of keywords in the docs - but...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Why "yield return" rather than "yield"?

    This came up in another context, and I thought I'd share the story. In the first version of iterators, you would use "yield" when you wanted to "return" a iterator value back, and things worked great. So, that's that way it was for quite a long period...
  • Canadian Developer Connection

    Stephen Forte at GUVSM

    Groupe d'Usagers Visual Studio Montréal (GUVSM) Microsoft (Montréal Office) Suite 450, 2000 Avenue McGill Collège Montréal, Québec, Canada H3A 3H3 Speaker: Stephen Forte (INETA Speaker, Microsoft Regional Director ) ...
  • Outside The Cube

    Huge news from OSD Land...

    Huge news from Michael Kelly, lead PM in SMS, New Product Development: "An important announcement about the WIM image format support in the upcoming SMS 2003 OSD Feature Pack Update: Summary Later in the spring of 2006, Microsoft is planning...
  • hughpyle

    Copy and Paste the Web

    In case you didn't see it, the latest great little mindbomb from Ray and Jack (Groove founders, now both based in Redmond) is a simple, extensible way to copy and paste structure data from the Web, between pages and sites, and even to/from desktop applications...
  • The App Compat Guy

    Creating Gel Buttons with Windows Forms : Part 3

    Based on a few comments (both directly on the blog, as well as internal email), I have decided to post a third entry to further develop our Gel Buttons. (Not that I am trying to belabor the topic, but I think there are some important things to learn from...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    MDbg, Managed-debugging, and 64 bit

    V2 CLR added support for 64-bit (amd64 and ia64), and that includes managed-debugging support. So a 64-bit MDbg can debug a 64-bit managed app. But what about cross-platform stuff when your debugger and debuggee are different platforms? Here's how MDbg...
  • A CRM Riff

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community

    Microsoft CRM community provides opportunities to interact with Microsoft CRM team members, experts like Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and partners, independent software vendors (ISVs), and your peers in order to share knowledge and news...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Dave Baker: Embedded Developer Evangelist (UK)

    The worldwide Embedded Developer Evangelist team is ramping up, one of the newest recruits is Dave Baker - Dave has been at Microsoft for about 5 years, working on embedded and POS solutions - Dave has a blog (only two entries so far!), go add Dave to...
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