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  • Virtual Earth & MapPoint B2B

    Bird's Eye Imagery in UK for Windows Live Local

    Bollocks you Brits! You can finally stop asking when we'll have oblique imagery for UK. And hey, what better way to show you the new UK bird's eye than with a new WLL feature? Here's a collection from Steve Lombardi illustrating where we have BE coverage...
  • Anna Liu's Weblog

    A day as an architect at Microsoft Australia

    Lots of friends and family aften ask me the question "what is it exactly that you do?" so I thought I'd share with you what I did for the day - Friday 26th May. 6:30-7:30am - logging in from home - clearing my inbox, 46 new items came through...
  • Ben Armstrong

    M1 Tank Platoon under Virtual PC

    M1 Tank Platoon was a fascinating game - which provided an interesting mix of tactics and action game play. In this game you are the platoon leader of 4 M1 Abrams tanks - and have to battle through a long series of battles against the enemy. What makes...
  • David Kline

    Application Performance: Value Type Boxing

    One of the most popular .NET Compact Framework demos at MEDC 2006 was the .NET Compact Framework Remote Performance Monitor . While working at our booth on the expo floor, I used the .NET Compact Framework Performance Monitor to examine the performance...
  • Engineering OneNote Blog

    The Interrobang

    I love our Typography group . They have some really cool fonts and the newest feature added to the ClearType fonts is the interobang, see here for more details: Interrobang?! — Interrobang!? Just so cool...check it out! (Thanks Justin for the...

    So, maybe you're not going to TechEd this year...

    No problem, you can still take part in the sessions. Dennis will be doing one that talks about using Workflow Foundation and WCF together, always a topic a lot of people ask about. It just so happens that talk will be broadcast live . There's also a talk...
  • Minty Fresh

    Note to self

    A kind reader identified a bug (and a fix) for the DBFunctoids for BizTalk Server 2006. It is a heinous bug because it is a result of not completely reading the documentation. Shameful, really. The DBFunctoid needs to keep some data around between...
  • Ayman Shoukry's WebLog

    Visual C++ Team Blog

    The Visual C++ Team has started a team blog at This is a great step for directly communicating with C++ developers in the community. Thanks, Ayman
  • Tim Sneath

    WinFX Runtime Components Beta 2 and the Dreaded Error 1603

    I've seen a number of instances of this error over the last few days since we released WinFX Runtime Components Beta 2, and wanted to highlight it right here on the blog to ensure people knew about it. The symptom is that on installing the WinFX Runtime...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Getting more space between your variables and their declarations in C#

    Let’s say you want to keep your formatting rules enabled, but want to get some additional space between your variables and their declarations. You can put a C-style inline comment in the whitespace between the two. For example, class Class1 {   ...
  • Eric Jarvi

    VSTS Tip: Converting TRX to HTML

    Just heard about this utility to convert TRX files to HTML reports that's under development, more info here:
  • Dan Fernandez's Blog

    Why am I losing data when debugging SQL Server Express?

    This question comes up frequently enough (exhibit A ), that I thought I should blog about it to help raise the Google-juice and add some self-help to confused customers. Answer: When you add a local SQL Server Express database to a Visual Studio Express...
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