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  • Mark Bower

    New Office Announcements at TechEd

    The key announcement from ChrisCap's keynote at TechEd yesterday was LoBI - Line of Business Interoperability. This is a toolkit for Office and SharePoint 2007 that will simplify integration with backend systems. For those familiar with IBF (Information...
  • Partner-TV: telling it like it is


    There is lots of interest around virtualisation at the moment so wee got Dave to chat to Andy Clark about this technology. At the risk of turning PTS-TV in to the Dave Sayers show we’ll have another video from him soon covering High Performance...
  • Moj mali spletni dnevnik

    Predogled sistema Windows Vista za stranke

    Svoj prosti čas lahko zdaj koristno zapravite tudi za predogled sistema Windows Vista, ki je na voljo praktično vsem, ki razumejo angleščino in znajo zapeči DVD in namestiti sistem. Skoraj bi pozabil: priporočen tudi dovolj zmogljiv računalnik... In...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Customer Council on Interoperability

    Interoperability is increasingly important in today’s world of heterogeneous technology. Last year we explained the emphasis that we were placing on building software that is interoperable by design. As a further step in this process, we’ve established...
  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    Secure Clock

    I've recently been working on an interesting problem for detecting clock changes in Windows Mobile 5.0. The problem I’ve been trying to solve is this: lets say you have a business operation that takes place at date/time x and the data is only valid...
  • Euan Garden's BLOG

    Tech Ed SQL Goodies

    Data Dude CTP bits can be got here , its an .img file which I a cd image, hence needs either exploded or burnt to cd before installing. I have been playing with this a lot the last few days and I am very impressed with the schema diff which I have been...
  • Microsoft Tech Blogs

    Setup of Reporting Services 2005 with Vista

    Hi Folks, Sometimes when you install Reporting Services 2005 on Vista (Beta) it often pops a error "Access to the path 'Global\CLR_RESERVED_MUTEX_NAME' is denied" when you browse to the Report Folders. The resolution to this that I tried was pretty...
  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    MEDC Session demos

    The European MEDC is over! All the build-up, all the prep and its all over so fast (uh oh, starting to show my age :) ). It was great to meet up with so many people from the industry as well as old friends and to feel a real buzz about mobile devices...
  • Brian Harry's blog

    Stuff in the pipe for Team Foundation Server

    Just a brief note about stuff coming down the pipe for TFS... MSSCCI Provider We are working on a new release of the MSSCCI provider. It will have a variety of fixes for bugs that you have reported and that we have found internally. Some of the...
  • Tillit till IT

    E-identiteter står högt på kommunsveriges lista

    Det har länge pratats om e-legitimationer, e-id, certifikat, digitala signaturer och liknande för att beskriva behovet av metod för att säkert koppla en e-identitet mot en medborgare, medarbetare, tjänsteroll, applikation eller annan hårdvara/tjänst....
  • OfficeRocker!

    World cup scores

    Not Office related but cool nonetheless:     This little tool from msn gives you live feed info and adds up all the group tables for you.
  • Gaurav Seth's WebLog

    JLCA 3.0 - Java Event Model (AWT and Swing)

    Java Event Model mechanism is primarily featured by listeners and adapters used to deal with the different types of events fired by AWT, Swing of the user himself. Most of Swing components use new event types and listeners. Java Event Model is mainly...
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