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  • Karen's Space

    Finally online...

    Tech Ed 06 has finally driven me online! I'm Karen and I work on the C# IDE in Visual Studio. I work on features anywhere from IntelliSense, to code refactoring, to code snippets, to anything else you could think about that could make you more productive...
  • The ShiSh List

    Mobile Device Loss Prevention

    Most collaboration solutions for Retail involve the use of mobile devices so that the Store Manager is able to interact with customers rather be bound behind his desk. However a lot of Retail organizations are concerned about the theft of these mobile...
  • JrzyShr Dev Guy

    June User Group Meetings

    The NJ MS Developers group already met on June 1 st to see Keith Pijanowski’s session on Windows Communication Foundation . But the month of June isn’t over yet! Many Microsoft developers are attending TechEd in Boston this week, but there’s still some...
  • mikechampion's weblog

    Please submit a proposal to speak at the XML 2006 Conference

    I'll take a break from my XLinq focus to encourage people to submit a proposal to speak at the XML 2006 Conference (December 5-7, in Boston). I’m one of the track chairs for the “Enterprise XML Computing” track at the XML 2006 conference and my main job...
  • Agile Database Development

    Testing the Edges

    I am sitting in a session on WCF now but just have to keep blogging about this cool product we have. In the last post I talked about using regular expressions and the value of "human readable" vs. schema correct tests. Let me illustrate another way that...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Text Book Writing

    About 10 years ago now I was sitting in the teacher’s lounge and the mail came in. There was a package for me and it was tossed on the table in front of me. Seeing the return address I knew exactly what it was and hurried to open it. One of my friends...
  • Bob Daniels - Office365 Online Sales

    Want to know more about the Ribbon in Office

    Here is a great short way to find out more about the Ribbon in Office 2007
  • XAML Chick

    Virtually at Tech Ed 2006.

    For those of you who did not have a chance to register early and get yourself to Tech Ed 2006, this year it is being held in Boston , MA . It is overall a pretty nice setup and the weather is great too. Last night was the opening Keynote. Overall...
  • Daigo Hamura's Weblog

    Expression Tree Compiler (Expression Tree Advnaced)

    Expresion Tree は前回書いたように .NET Assembly に書き出された Data Structure です。 DLINQはその Expression Tree をもとに SQL に変換しデータベースにクエリを投げます。 しかし、アプリケーションによっては、Expression Tree をデータ として使いかつ、CLRの実行結果を知りたいときがあります。 このような時に役に立つのが、Expression Tree Compilerです。 Expression Tree を Delegate...
  • Ahmed El-Ramly's Blog

    SQL Server Everywhere

    I just stumbled across a new edition of SQL Server that will be announced this week at TechEd. It is called SQL Server Everywhere. It is a follow-up to SQL Server Mobile that was targeted to mobile devices and Tablet PCs. This new version is targeted...
  • PeteL's Blog

    TechEd 2006

    Well, since I'm currently sitting at my desk, and not at TechEd like all the other cool kids, I figured I'd post a bit about some of the goings on at TechEd, you know, for those of us who have to work ;) Our team has a few people at TechEd this year...
  • David Boschmans Weblog

    TechEd US in Boston: On Keynotes & Pre-conf

    Yesterday TechEd US 2006 kicked off with the opening keynote and earlier on the day the pre-conferences . I attended the pre-conference " ASP.NET 2.0: Up Close and Personal " hosted by Jeff Prosise . The pre-conf was split in 3 parts: an overview of...
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