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  • Czech MSDN Blog

    Livemeeting akce

    Nejčastější připomínky na naše oddělení je, že děláme akce převážně v Praze, občas něco v Bratislavě a v Brně. Bohužel není v našich silách jezdit po celé republice a pořádat akce všude, kde žijí vývojáři. Proto jsme se rozhodli dělat Livemeetingy . ...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    McAfee AntiVirus beta for Windows Mobile 5 including Motorola Q

    I recently got contacted by the team over at McAfee who have just released their beta of their Windows Mobile 5 product! If you haven't tried it already you can do so using the link below: McAfee® VirusScan® Mobile provides the leading solution for...
  • Mattias Lindberg

    During my adventures in CryptoAPI land I found a web site that has helped me to create appropriate P/Invoke declarations. The site is called and it contains P/Invoke declarations for a large number of Win32 APIs (always in C# and sometimes...
  • Richard Godfrey

    Microsoft Certified Architect Applications

    It's been a long time in coming but the MCA is a real certification as of the TechEd announcements this week - congratulations to all those (inside and outside of Microsoft) who have believed in the need for this and worked so hard to create such a great...
  • Chaitanya's Blog

    TeamBuild and VC++ - Overriding other properties for VC++ projects

    As I have mentioned in my previous blog by default teambuild overrides 3 properties for VC++ projects in the TfsBuild.vsprops file - "OutputDirectory", "EnablePrefast" and "EnableFxcop". Suppose a user wants to override another property for VC++ projects...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    HTC to migrate QTEK brand into HTC and they also announce 2 3G Windows Mobile devices

    I hadn't seen this on any of the normal Windows Mobile sites (I'm sure you'll see an exclusive on one site soon when they steal it from my blog ;) ) But my Dutch colleague just pointed out that HTC have announced two things: 1) They have announced...
  • Steve Cook's WebLog

    Macaw's Software Factory

    At this link is an interesting article about how Macaw, a System Integrator based in the Netherlands, is implementing the software factory vision. They are supporting VS2003 and VS2005, and taking a very pragmatic approach. No graphical modelling tools...
  • RobU's Blog

    Mr. Endian Bytes Back

    The worse endian bug yet - a definite gem for the ages. I spent several hours tracking down a ref counting bug in one of our CLR data structures. The following code snippets are boiled down from a much more complicated structure and set of functions...
  • Czech MSDN Blog

    Seminár Windows Vista pre vývojárov

    Na 20.6.2006 sme pre Vás pripravili v Bratislave úvodný seminár do vývoja aplikácií pre Windows Vista. Viac informácií a registračnú stránku nájdete na
  • RobU's Blog

    Insight from an Expert

    I had the pleasure of talking with Matt Lee on the way back from GDC 2006. He's awesome. He's super personable and humble. And yet a confident giant when it comes to game development, especially on the 360. If you haven't already caught this interview...
  • Palle Agermark's WebLog


    Here's a link with information about my workplace in Copenhagen. This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
  • Mike Ormond's Blog


    We expect to get questions at events when we’ve finished a presentation but it’s surprising how many people come up and ask “What was that application you were running that allowed you to type commands on the desktop?”. Well, the answer for the uninitiated...
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