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  • Doug Mahugh

    Office 2007 Developer Videos

    The Office 2007 evangelism team has been working for months to get out the word about the world of possibilities in the 2007 Office System. That work has resulted in a set of How-Do-I screencasts that each demonstrate a specific hands-on task: create...
  • Cum Grano Salis

    Partial Real-Time Data (RTD) support in Excel Services – Part 1

    Part 1 of 2 - How to partially simulate Real-Time Data in Excel Services...
  • Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog

    Get Your Office 2007 Beta 2 Today!

    Today’s the big day--I'm so pleased to announce that as of right now, you can download Office 2007 Beta 2 from the Office preview site at . Click the button marked “Try it!” and enter a few pieces of information...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    2-tier internet means one thing

    Tim Berners-Lee is getting some more deserved airtime over at the BBC regarding the net neutrality issue. I've stayed out of the discussion so far, not due to apathy, but because the idea of a 2-tiered internet is such a bad idea that I really couldn...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Office 2007 Beta 2: now available!

    The long-awaited Beta 2 build of Office 2007 is now available, as of 9:00AM PDT today. Get all the details here. It's a public beta, so anyone can sign up and download a copy. For system requirements and Beta 2 installation tips, click here . For...
  • Moj mali spletni dnevnik

    Na tekočem

    Ta teden v Portorožu poteka NT Konferenca 2006 , v Seattlu pa je v teku WinHEC 2006 . Če koga zanima kaj bo novega povedal Bill Gates, imate še nekaj minut časa pred začetkom prenosa v živo. Prenos se začne ob deveti uri po pacifiškem standardnem času...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Seven Deadly Sin of Programing - #7 - Excessive coupling

    (these will be in reverse order...) #7 - Excessive Coupling We start out with a simple one. Coupling is obviously a necessary evil. The Console class, for example, wouldn't be able to send text through Win32 without being coupled to Win32. ...
  • A View from Elsewhere


    Today I did two in-person interviews and five phone screens plus set up another four informational interviews. Hiring is tiring. It’s really nice when, during the course of the Microsoft interview cycle, one of the interviewers emails you and asks, “Where...
  • Tobin Titus

    Beta 2 Live - IIS.NET now open!

    This post has been moved to my personal blog: Tobin Titus
  • Pranav ... Blogging

    Microsoft Office Beta - 2 Is Available !!

    Great News !!! Microsoft Office Beta 2 is available for public review, wow I am so happy ..let me try to count the endless list of things that you can do now ..!!! You can try the new ribbon UI, really it makes live easier .. You can blog using the...
  • doncampbell's weblog

    Office 2007 Beta 2 Launch

    Office 2007 Beta 2 just launched on the MSDN Office Developer Center . Check it out! Here you will find tons of new information about Office 2007. My favorite is series of Screencasts covering "How Do I" Office 2007 development and customization topics...
  • Inside Office Online blog

    Welcome to Beta 2

    About the time this post goes live BillG will be on stage near Redmond announcing the Beta 2 availability of the next version of MS Office. With that availability comes the launch of the new Office Online as well. I've attached a picture of the Beta 2...
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