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  • One Louder

    You want to talk about what is new and innovative in recruiting?

    This is. Studio Smackdown 2....sounds like fun, huh? From the folks at Aquent (with a little support from Adobe), motion graphics designers battle a' la The Apprentice and you get to vote online. You can review participant bios and portfolios online ...
  • DDITDev

    XML - who needs it?! (Posted by Avi)

    I remember not long ago when XML became the "new big thing." Everyone wanted every program they wrote to use XML in some fashion. But rarely when you challenged someone on "why" did you actually get a good answer. Many just figured that if it wrote XML...
  • Tim Sneath

    Avalon Bloggers @ Microsoft

    I've finally got round to updating my list of bloggers at Microsoft who focus on Windows Presentation Foundation. This list includes those on the Avalon core team, as well as a number of individuals from the Expression "Sparkle" team, the SDK team and...
  • Tom Archer's Blog

    Microsoft PDC 2005 – A Microsoft Employee’s Perspective

    Due to the increasing popularity of the TechEd and PDC conferences, most Microsoft employees do not have the opportunity to attend so that we can reserve the very limited space for customers. Therefore, I’m dedicating this blog entry to detailing my experience...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    WinFS: Query not Search

    Recently, I've seen a number of stories which compare WinFS (the future windows file system) to desktop search. This is understandable, given that when we first showed it off at the 2003 PDC, we demonstrated scenarios that, today, can be accomplished...
  • Keith Richie

    Codin' till the fingers go numb

    As I was driving in this morning, my mind raced at the many development projects I’m dying to work on. There are some really cool ideas I want to implement, and one in particular that I know for sure is going to cause me to code till my fingers go numb...
  • m | power

    Replication API update

    Stephen Griffin has another great update for the replication API at .
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Being in two places at once at the MVP Summit

    Just a quick note to say that, like many other product teams , we'll be at the MVP Summit here in Redmond this week. Specifically, we’ll be showing off the latest builds of System Center Capacity Manager to the Windows Server System MVPs at the RedWest...
  • Tim Sneath

    Build an Avalon Web Browser Application

    Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon") applications have two modes of execution: standalone applications and in-browser applications. The former model is I think well-understood, but the browser-based capabilities of Avalon are new to some people...
  • TexBlog

    Reston DevLab post mortem

    Not sure why I'm calling it a "post mortem," since I feel pretty solidly in the midst of mortem itself at the moment. Ayman and I had to get up at 5:00 AM eastern to catch the flight back to Seattle, and it's now about 4:00 PM pacific, so feeling pretty...
  • [Profoundly Esoteric Image]

    Ignore this test post

    I try not to do this, but I'm tracking down an issue with my client software. Normal service will be resumed etc…
  • TS Tidbits

    Office 2003 SP2 Now available

    Get Office 2003 Service Packs at You'll find: Office 2003 SP2 Office 2003 SP2 for Proofing Tools OneNote 2003 SP2 Project 2003 SP2 Project Server 2003 SP2 Visio 2003 SP2
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