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  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    SQL Server Everywhere Edition

    In his SQL Server 2005 Update letter , Paul Flessner announced a new addition to the SQL Server family. SQL Server Everywhere Edition is a light weight version of SQL Server that you can embed inside of your applications. It will have the ability to synchronize...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Odious ambiguous overloads, part two

    There were a number of ideas in the comments for what we should do about the unfortunate situation I described yesterday . We considered all of these options and more. I thought I might talk a bit about the pros and cons of each. I suggested do nothing...
  • Microsoft Project 2010

    Tracking changes in Project 2007

    I apologize to readers for the delay in posting a new topic. The last few weeks have been busy for us in the product team as we start to get our Beta 2 build completed. The release will be in late spring and I’ll have a dedicated post on how that will...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    Mercedes Benz Bike

    For those of us who cannot afford a Mercedes Benz car and have to drive cheap (read: kinda crappy) surrogates from C. or D. or even F., here's one more thing we cannot afford:
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    High-Performance Web Services: Avoid XmlNode, Use IXmlSerializable

    Avoid returning XmlNode from a web service method at all costs. In this post, I show why you should avoid returning XmlNode in web services, and demonstrate how to use the IXmlSerializable interface in .NET 2.0 web services for high performance XML serialization....
  • A CRM Riff

    The Year of CRM, With a Twist - David

    A nice pointer from Anne Stanton to A CRM blog : "The problem is the following: As the breadth of customer-related activity – and software sales – grows, it’s becoming harder and harder to use the over-arching term CRM to compare one vendor’s offering...
  • Microsoft BizTalk RFID with KalyanaJ

    Relax, It's Only Uncertainty

    I recently picked up a copy of the book " Relax, It's Only Uncertainty: Lead the Way When the Way Is Changing " by Hodgson and White and found it to be a terrific read. It describes a set of skills called "enablers" which help one embrace ambiguity and...
  • Smart Client Data

    SQL Server Everywhere - SQL Mobile Unleashed

    Today Paul Flessner announced that SQL Mobile will be released as SQL Server Everywhere Edition. Details are yet to be announced. But to get a feel for what the new product will do, check out this walkthrough:...
  • MSDN & TechNet Search Blog

    Content Research Related blog

    I was reading Tom Peters blog this morning and I was looking through his blog roll and found this site linked there. There is great information and articles on the work that different search teams in the industry are doing...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    WikiWars C#ometh

    A reader sent me a link to this recently, . On first blush, I see sparse content, a slick MediaWiki implementation, and Google Ads... Wait! Is a Microsoft employee actually blogging about this? [Please wait while I...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Semantic web heads - 'More doing, Less theorizing'. Please.

    The Guardian takes a look at where we are with Tim Berners-Lee's semantic web. Conclusion? Not very far given the promise of the idea. So far. In the article there seems to be some kind of aha! expressed by TBL - enough theory already! "Berners...
  • MSDN & TechNet Search Blog

    Updating the blog look and feel.

    I am updating the look and title today because we also support TechNet search on my team and we want to share our developments with that community as well. Thanks.
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