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  • go ahead, mac my day

    safety in Storrs

    Storrs, CT, is the place in America where you're safest from Mother Nature -- who knew?...
  • Dominic Watts

    Student centred learning or IT Pro rules OK

    It seems that many universities still don't get the fact that it's the student at the centre, not the university and absolutely not the folks in IT. I had a bizare conversation recently with some IT Pros who said, whilst we were talking about blogs, email...
  • Paul Tallett's Web Log

    Hello world!

    Hi! I'm Paul Tallett, and I work in Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) in the UK. I specialise in UI development, and I'm a UI Dev Lead or Principal Consultant. I thought I needed a Blog to host some tips and tricks as I find them. Cheers...
  • Mike Kostersitz's WebLog

    Developing a Provider for MPS

    Developing custom MPF Providers in Visual Studio 2003. This post is about getting the prerequesites set up and configured....
  • Tasks and Time Management in Outlook

    Tips for the Outlook Tasks Module

    Below are some tips for the Tasks Module (most are oldies (will work in most versions) but goodies): 1. Outlook 12: See the thread of a conversation of a flagged mail in the Tasks Module : Here ’ s the scenario: You flagged a mail message, and now...
  • Adrian Mascarenhas' blog

    Zam 3D to Expression Interactive Designer

    Yesterday, I saw a demo of ZAM 3D by Mike Soucie & Jim Foley of Electric Rain . So I thought I'd give the tool a try. I am still quite new to the 3D world. But, I found ZAM 3D quite useful. It took me a little time to get used to the UI and figure...
  • Field Notes

    Common Debugger Commands

    I get this request all the time from students of the Advanced .NET Debugging course my team delivers. Below are the common commands used when debugging specific .NET issues. It is by no means the only commands you will run. Hangs or Poor Performance...
  • Moustafa Khalil's Space

    Managing Workflow’s Lifecycle

    Note - we published an MSDN article that contains the information below and a lot of other related information. See for more details. ------------------------------------- Windows...
  • Gamut Mapping in WCS, Part 1

    Gamut mapping in WCS is established at color transform creation time, rather than at profile creation time. And, while our baseline gamut mapping methods each implement a different gamut mapping algorithm, there are some operations that are common to...
  • Solutions Monkey

    Back from Vacation

    Back to work from 3 weeks vacation. Lots of things happened while I was away. The Dynamics Snap project that I was working on went live as sandbox Channel 9’s interview with our GM Hal went live http:/...
  • One Louder

    Microsoft Researcher and Academy Award Winner?

    Sounds funny, but it's true. Must meet John Platt because I really like Kevin Bacon.
  • Pointless Blathering

    What is DMA (Part 3) - DMA Translation & Map Registers

    Previously in this sequence I talked some about what DMA is, and some of the common models for programming DMA on a device. Like most code, your driver usually deals with virtual addresses for data buffers. Your DMA engine (be it slave or bus-mastering...
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