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  • Windows PowerShell Blog

    Windows PowerShell: Analyst briefing with RedMonk

    I recently had the pleasure to do an analyst briefing with Michael Cote' of RedMonk. I really enjoyed it because until recently Michael was working at BMC so we had a number of shared contacts and he had a deep understanding of mgmt issues so I could...
  • The Visual Basic Team

    VB6 Collections: The Missing LINQ

    By Jonathan Aneja Hi, my name’s Jonathan and I’m a Program Manager on the VB team, working mainly on LINQ features. One of the things I love about LINQ is it’s not just limited to querying over databases and XML – you can query over any collection...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Mobile Client Software Factory - Community Technical Preview.

    At the keynote at MEDC 2006 in Las Vegas there was a demo regarding the Mobile Client Software Factory. Today I had a chance to look at the documentation and play a little bit with it for the first time. (You can get to the download page from http...
  • Alan Faulkner's Forefront Security Blog

    Commerce Server 2007 has shipped!!!

    We have finally released Commerce Server 2007 after years and years of hard work. This is truly an extraordinary release, given the size of our team and the amount of design/work involved. CONGRATS and THANK YOU to everyone on the team and anyone who...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    What Happened To NOR?

    I've been asked why OEMs would use NOR flash in a persistent storage world. (If words like "NOR flash" or "XIP" are confusing, read this .) I'm going to give you some history about where NOR flash came from, explain how we got from there to here, and...
  • WPF Text Blog

    Pure XAML Font Chooser

    Hi, My name is Norris, and I’m the test lead on the WPF Text team. Our team is responsible for testing the latest and greatest of the core text technologies in WPF, including text layout, text rendering, and fonts. The best thing about being...
  • TechEd Iron Architect Contest

    Iron Architect question at TechEd

    The TechEd Dynamic Session Allocator Problem Statement: Have you ever been to a conference where you find it takes so long to walk between rooms for sessions – even though they are on the same subject? Have you then rushed to the room only to...
  • Steve Clayton

    The serendipitous web

    Following on from my post last week send about checking your Blackberry in to the hotel safe to wearn yourself off it I just came across an hilarious video on YouTube called Crackberry Blackberry. Whilst this is pretty funny I have been accused of similar...
  • Nanda Lella's WebLog

    Windows Live Messenger Comes Out of Beta, Tonight

    A new version of Windows Live Messenger is rolling out tonight. Windows Live Messenger is stamped, certified, verified, sanctified, bona fide: OFFICIAL. Read More
  • Steve Clayton

    The kings of spin are podcasting!

    Eddie Izzard's European podcast . Bizarre – I was only chatting with a friend this morning about how people have become tired and very conscious of spin in the UK and a lot of that can be attributed to Alastair Campbell . The man himself is now...
  • Network Access Protection (NAP)

    Webcast: NAP + DHCP Enforcement

    Achint Setia, a developer on the DHCP team here at Microsoft, has a great presentation available discussing NAP + DHCP for Vista and Longhorn Sever. This is one of several enforcement options available for protecting your networking with NAP. My favorite...
  • Windows CE Base Team Blog


    Posted by: Vadim Yushprakh After giving a talk about Tux at MEDC ’06 in Las Vegas , a lot of people asked me about multi-threaded testing scenarios. The basic problem is this: a tester has coded up a test function, which tests a particular component...
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