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  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Latest Curriculum Resources at the Faculty Connection

    The latest Microsoft Faculty Connection Newsletter came yesterday. I thought it might be useful to highlight some of the news from this issue here. The Faculty Connection Newsletter highlights new curriculum resources and other useful educational...
  • Dr. Z's Blog

    Setting Up IIS Smooth Streaming Services In Windows Azure

    My colleagues Todd Furst and Michael Ganotti at the Philadelphia MTC demonstrated how to set up IIS Smooth Streaming Services in Windows Azure by using a hosted Windows 2008 R2 server virtual machine and configuring it for Internet access with IIS Services...
  • Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog

    Live Tweeting of Microsoft Dynamics Sessions at WPC 2012

    If you are planning to attend Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) next week, be sure to follow @MSDynamicsLive on Twitter for live tweeting of Microsoft Dynamics sessions and event updates. Make sure to also follow @MSFTDynamics for customer...
  • Writing ... or Just Practicing?

    I Nearly Found Nirvana In The Cloud


    So it's been a week of semi-fruitful searching for lots of people. In China there's a team setting out on a million-pound expedition in the mountains and forests of Hubei province to find the Yeren or Yeti that's supposedly been sighted hundreds of times. In Geneva, scientists have revealed that they've probably found the Higgs boson particle they've been searching for over the last fifty years. Meanwhile, as I mentioned last week, I've been seeking a way to rid myself of the cost and hassle of maintaining my own web servers.

  • 高橋 忍のブログ

    UXTV臨時復活! WPトライアスロン対策編

    #wp7dev_jp Windows Phone トライアスロンに向けて皆さん走り出していますか? トライアスロンに向けてコードを書かれているみなさん向けに、UX-TV 特別編 Windows Phone トライアスロン対策編を緊急放送します。 日時 8/15 PM5:30~ Ustream UX-TV さすがに、Ustream なのでダイジェスト篇になりますが、アプリの開発からアップロード、テンプレートの使い方、そして画像加工のポイント辺りを話せたらよいかな?と思います。ぜひご覧ください。こちらは...
  • Parallel Programming in Native Code

    Memory Coalescing with C++ AMP

    The primary goal of offloading work to a GPU is improve performance – either because you need to reduce your coffee consumption waiting for an answer or you are tired of rushing to the wall to plug in your laptop. However, performance may be limited...
  • Frederic Aatz's blog

    Support de FreeBSD sur Windows Hyper-V

    Pendant l’été, le travail continue … Posté hier sur le blog Microsoft, le résultat de la collaboration avec NetApp and Citrix annoncé à l’occasion de BSDCAN 2012 . Voir l’article posté à cette occasion sur NetApp helps bring FreeBSD to Hyper-V . Désormais...
  • Windows Azure

    Windows Azure Community News Roundup (Edition #31)

    Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly roundup of the latest community-driven news, content and conversations about cloud computing and Windows Azure . Here are the highlights for this week. Articles and Blog Posts Using (Windows) Azure...
  • Microsoft Gulf Technical Community

    Inside Windows Phone [Video Series]

    Get the insiders’ view into all things Windows Phone. Watch exclusive interviews with the designers, product managers and developers coding the Windows Phone OS and developer platform! Visit:
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Silverlight Airlines Sample Code

    More cool Silverlight info from Frank (the man is a machine !): Last week, I had blogged about the really cool Silverlight Airlines sample application. The source code, however, wasn't anywhere to be seen. Fortunately, I came across the Silverlight 1...
  • Блог Windows 7 для разработчиков

    Windows 7 на PDC 2009

    Professional Developers Conference (PDC) – это мероприятие, которое все разработчики, использующие технологи Microsoft, просто обязаны посетить хотя бы раз в жизни. Это флагманское событие, предлагающее всесторонний, обращенный в будущее, технически углубленный...
  • The blog of Rob Margel - Windows Help

    11 great new articles on Windows.Microsoft.Com available as XPS / PDF download

    To accompany some of the new content on Windows.Microsoft.Com we have them available as either XPS or PDF downloads. just click on the links in the right hand corner   Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows...
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