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  • Service Modeling Language - insight and other views

    Thanks for the Directions (...on Microsoft)

    Subscribers to the Directions On Microsoft newsletters ( ) will find an overview of the SML Platform in the October 2006 issue. The teaser/summary for this article states: " A multivendor systems management...
  • South Central Area Community Blog

    Be on the frontline of new Microsoft solutions!

    Microsoft Office System 2007 & Microsoft Windows Vista Presented by Jeff Lowery IW Solution Specialist at Microsoft Brought to you by the San Antonio IAMCP Tuesday, October 10, 2006 5:30pm – 7:30pm Mixer Directly Following...
  • Hans VB's WebLog - For FREE!!!

    Wanna be a beta tester for Vista or Office :-)

  • Clemens Vasters.

    Subscribe! - Getting Started with Service Bus

    Over on my new Channel 9 blog I've started a series that will (hopefully) help novices with getting started developing applications that leverage Windows Azure Service Bus (and, in coming episodes also Service Bus for Windows Server) The first two...
  • Interoperability @ Microsoft

    Windows Azure Authentication module for Drupal using WS-Federation

    At Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., we’re happy to share the news that Single Sign-on of Drupal Web sites hosted on Windows Azure with Windows Live IDs and / or Google IDs is now available.  Users can now log in to your Drupal site using Windows...
  • Gunther's Blog

    Software Architecture and "The Halo Effect"

    The Halo Effect and the Characteristics of Successful Cloud Migration Projects Recently I was discussing with some colleagues the characteristics of modern, Internet Scale, Applications. It was some interesting discussion and I will highlight some...
  • IKT-bloggen

    Sociala medier och säkerhet på internet

    Gästblogg av Malin Jonolf, engagerad mamma, it-entusiast och tidigare marknadschef för Microsoft skola. Barn som växer upp idag lever i en helt annan verklighet än vad jag själv gjorde. Eller? Min mamma är en klok person...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Friday App Shout-Out: Hopper Bopper

    Welcome to another edition of the Friday App Shout-Out! I'll keep it short and sweet today…today's app comes from FASO alumi LCG Technologies, and I found out about it at this week's kick-off session of the Game (and App) Jam: Windows 8 Style series this...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    APIMASH and Intro to Game Dev Raleigh

    I’m really excited to be hosting a few events in the Microsoft Raleigh office focused on Windows 8 development.  The first on revolves around our APIMASH starter kits – a great way to get started building mashup style applications in Windows 8, with...
  • WebApps

    Troubleshooting Memory Leaks in Windows Store Apps

      There are many options to troubleshoot memory leak issues in .NET applications. Most common approach is capturing a memory dump just before terminating the process and looking at the object count and gcroots. Most of the time this approach works...
  • Tom Lee's blog

    Azure FAQ-1 - 台灣訂購所開立的統一發票能指定統一發票編號嗎?

    這是跟開發無關,卻是最常見到的問題之一。在台灣訂購了 Windows Azure 雲端服務,是否會開立統一發票? 能否指定統一發票編號? 是台灣用戶常見的問題,目前 (2012年11月) 台灣微軟以手工方式開立統一發票,在 2012 年 6 月 7 日台灣上市以來,由於帳務系統中並沒有統一發票編號的欄位,台灣微軟客戶服務中心會主動聯絡每一個訂戶,詢問客戶是否需要開立統一發票編號。2012 年 11 月 23 日起,針對台灣用戶 Windows Azure 帳務系統增添了 "統一編號"...
  • ScottGu中文博客

    对Windows Azure 管理门户的更多改进

    [原文发表地址] More Great Improvements to the Windows Azure Management Portal [原文发表时间] November 19, 2012 9:57 PM 过去的三周里,我们发布了一系列新版Windows Azure管理门户的增强功能。这些新功能包括: 支持6国语言的本地化 支持操作日志 支持SQL数据库指标 虚拟机增强功能(快速创建Windows+ Linux虚拟机) 网站的增强功能(支持在所有区域创建站点...
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