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  • Eugenio Pace

    Notes on February 3rd code drop of SC-BAT

    If you downloaded the latest bits last Friday and tried to run the Reference Implementation your've probably noticed that there are missing assemblies: CAB and EntLib. We don't ship binaries, so you will need to download, compile and copy these files...
  • Anna Liu's Weblog

    VB6 Migration Resources

    Recently, quite a number of architects have asked me VB6 migration questions, so I thought it might be worthwhile to put together the following resource pointers for all of you that are embarking on VB6 upgrade projects: VBRun remains the best resource...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows CE 4.2 - Satellite Compass, case study.

    • 0 Comments have just published an article/case study on the use of Windows CE 4.2 in a Satellite Compass devloped by Raytheon Marine GmbH and Garz & Fricke Read the article and let me know what your think the take outs are... (I know what I think...
  • Saving Private Bytes

    Debugging STL Containers with WinDbg Part 2: List

    For previous posts of this series, check out the following links: Debugging STL Containers with WinDbg: Prolog Debugging STL Containers with WinDbg Part 1: Vector Let’s now look at lists . A list container manages a varying-length sequence...
  • Appsmash

    Weekly Links, January 15 2013

    Windows Phone Limiting TextBox Input To Integers in Windows Phone – Simple enough, but I use it every couple of projects so I thought it should go somewhere I can find it. Add Windows Phone 8 Builds to your Existing Apps (Rajen Kishna @rajen_k ) – If...
  • Jennifer Marsman

    Windows 8 Unleashed events in Ann Arbor and Columbus

    There are a couple of upcoming Windows Unleashed events in my area.  (You can find the full list of events on the main Windows Unleashed site .)  These events are run by some very smart guys in our developer community, including Bill Wagner...
  • Secret Microsoft Communications

    Java vulnerability

    Oracle appears to have fixed the vulnerability on Saturday.  To be fair Oracle got this fixed pretty fast. The specific problem appears to have been located specifically with the MBeanInstantiator Oracle has reported on their fix: The glitch is only...
  • STSeverin's blog

    Exploring AD FS on Windows Server 2012, part 2

    In part 1 the focus was on the initial setup of an AD FS lab/test Environment on Windows Server 2012, using Powershell 3.0 scripts. In this post, part 2, we'll continue by introducing an application that will rely on claims being issued by this federation...
  • JonGore

    A Few Tips to Streamline your Excel PowerPivot Model

    Here is a nice short article on some areas to keep your eye on if your Excel PowerPivot model is getting too big...
  • Korea Evangelist

    앱 개발 모임 시즌4 에피소드 6

    앱 개발 모임 시즌4의 6번째 모임 후기입니다. (지난 5번째 모임은 제가 출장 관계로 불참해서 후기를 올리지 못 했습니다.) 원래는 2주 전에 모임을 하려고 했는데 MVP 행사와 겹치는 일정이 되어서 한달 만에 모임을 갖게 되었습니다. 앱 개발 모임에서 4명이 신규로 MVP가 되었고 기존 MVP 분들 중에도 참석하시는 분들이 있어서요. 왼쪽부터 김영재 MVP, 이종인 MVP, 박문찬 MVP(유영천 MVP는 사진 누락) 이번 모임은 4주 만에 하는...
  • Benjamin Guinebertière

    Sample code: create an HDInsight cluster, run job, remove the cluster

    In a previous post, I gave an example of a simple automation job . Here is a more interesting one. Here is a sample Azure Automation code that creates an HDInsight cluster, runs a job, and removes the cluster. I used it for a demonstration at the French...
  • Tobiah Marks

    Be Indie Now 31: Amir Littman

    Be Indie Now 31: Amir Littman Fellow Microsoft Evangelist Amir Littman (who happens to sit next door to me) tells me about his new Unity game, Amazing Coin Push Adventure! You can read more by going to the " Be Indie Now 31: Amir Littman " post on Tobiah Marks blog.
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