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  • Jim Galasyn's Learning Curve

    Developing games for Windows 8? Start here.

    Following up on Shai Hinitz’s post, Developing Windows Store games , the Dev Center is hosting new guidance for creating Windows 8 games , in time for GDC 2013 . You’ll find: Prepare your Windows Store DirectX game programming environment Add Windows...
  • Estrategia de movilidad

    Seguridad BYOD

    Escrito por el experto en movilidad Alberto Pinedo Seguridad BYOD Hace algunos días os conté cual era mi visión acerca de la estrategia de movilidad en entornos empresariales. Si recordáis uno de los puntos que traté era el carácter oportunista de la...
  • Education

    Starting university with a Windows 8 tablet from Dell

    InformationWeek's Education section is reporting on the South Illinois University's plan to hand new students Windows 8 tablets from Dell as they start. According to the university, they'll be at the centre of a project to support new styles of learning...
  • Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog

    Open University new IT facilities and Anywhere app

    Nearly three years since joining the Open University, CIO David Matthewman continues to push a strategic programme to deliver value and innovation. After conducting a thorough review of how the university buys IT over the last few years, the highlights...
  • Ferglo

    Replicacion de nuestro dominio Active Directory (parte 2)

    Nuestro buen amigo Leo Ponti nos comparte su artículo: Replicacion de nuestro dominio Active Directory (parte 2) Continuando con lo que vimos en: Replicacion de nuestro dominio Active Directory (parte 1) donde comenzamos a ver un tema tan importante como...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    A Programmer’s Guide to C# 2012

    More months than I’d like to think about, I decided to undertake an update of my sorely out-of-date C# book , and Saturday I submitted the last of the chapters for the rewrite. I still have the author review (after the tech review) and the final review...
  • Entwicklerblog für Windows 8-Apps

    Verwenden von HTML-Steuerelementen für das Erstellen von ansprechenden Apps im Metro-Stil

    Unter Windows 8 können Sie Apps im Metro-Stil mit HTML erstellen. Möglicherweise wussten Sie jedoch noch nicht, dass die neue Benutzeroberfläche von Windows 8 automatisch zum Tragen kommt, wenn Sie direkt HTML-Steuerelemente einsetzen. Wir haben uns ausgiebig...
  • Microsoft Azure Japan Team Blog (ブログ)

    Windows Azure AD Developer Preview の新機能: Windows Azure Authentication Library

    このポストは、8 月 2 日に投稿された Introducing a New Capability in the Windows Azure AD Developer Preview: the Windows Azure Authentication Library の翻訳です。 先月、マイクロソフトは Windows Azure Active Directory (Windows Azure AD) の開発者プレビュー版を発表しました。Windows Azure Active Directory...
  • 高橋 忍のブログ

    Windows 8 に Windows Phone SDK をインストールする方法

    #wpdev_jp Windows Phone SDK は基本的に Windows 8 をサポートしていません(動くかもしれませんが)。 そのうえで環境を構築する方法です( ch3coohさん 感謝) Windows 8 に Windwos Phone 7.1の開発環境を構築する 以下の順でインストールしてください。 Games for Windows マーケットプレース クライアント Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 更新プログラム タイル画面にいろいろ追加されるかもしれませんが...
  • spandme

    Powershell Large List

    I had someone ask me how I can identify my large lists in my environment. I said that they should identify large lists that have a large number of returned items in a view. Remember its the view that is kililng your performance not the large list itself...
  • Scott Hanselman的中文博客

    下载面向Windows 7的Internet Explorer 10

    [原文发表地址]  RELEASED - Download Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 [原文发表时间]  2013-02-26 2:11 PM 大约一个月前, IEBlog 发布了一篇博客来允许企业管理Internet Explorer 10 的更新日程安排。它说:"这种做法可以让组织控制他们准备部署IE10到其 Windows 7 用户的时间。我从中判断, Windows 7 上的 IE10即将到来了。 如今它已问世。 现在您可以下载...
  • UK Education Cloud Blog

    Fighting Phish and Eating Spam…

    I want to talk about spam. Once a versatile wartime merging of meats, it’s fast become the scourge of our inboxes. Last year alone, more than 60 trillion junk messages were sent, using enough energy to power a city almost the size of London. Each message...
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