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  • Devhammer on MSDN

    May 2006 Team System Webcasts

    May Team System Webcasts Tuesday, 02 May 2006 MSDN Webcast : An Introduction to Visual Studio Team System and the Microsoft Solutions Framework (Level 200) Wednesday, 03 May 2006 MSDN Webcast : Using Metrics from Visual Studio 2005 Team...
  • Joe Stagner - Frustrated by Design !

    Trying to GROK Ruby On Rails

    BOOK REVIEW I just read “Agile Web Development with Rails” by Dave Thomas & David Heinemeier Hansson. While I haven’t encountered anyone who is actually doing commercial work in Rails, Rails is getting a lot of verbiage in the blogosphere...
  • Krzysztof Cwalina

    Synchronization at the Right Level

    I get a lot of questions about why the new generic collection interfaces (IList<T> for example) do not support synchronization. There are several reasons for it. One, probably the main, is that in practice synchronizing on the level of a single...
  • Daniel Shapiro's WebLog

    Fostering a Strong IT Ecosystem in Canada

    Yesterday I had the pleasure to address Ontario Computer Science Teachers at the annual ECOO Conference ( ) I wanted to elaborate on one of the aspects of my presentation. (Legal Disclaimer: These are my opinions and don't necessarily...
  • Windows SideShow Team Blog

    Meet us at MEDC

    A few members of our team will be at the MEDC conference in Las Vegas from the 8th to the 11th of May. We are happy to talk to you about Windows SideShow if you'd like to meet. You can catch us at: APP322 - Inside Windows SideShow . Check out...
  • Inside Office Online blog

    What's in a name?

    We're struggling with something here that a lot of websites have to deal with: How do we squeeze 32 characters into a headline area that holds 22 characters? But while MSN, and other news and information sites just need to think harder when...
  • The .NET Sweatshop (v2)

    Bob &amp; Yag come to MSCOM

    For all the good and bad about Microsoft, the most important part of anyone's experience is the set of people you work with and for. Are they passionate, excited, and convinced they can change the world? Do they have that contagious enthusiasm that brings...
  • Windows Core Networking

    Advances in Windows Vista TCP/IP

    The Windows Vista TCP/IP stack has made tremendous improvements in its efficiency, taking full advantage of hardware advances (e.g. gigabit networking). As explained by Murari in a previous posting (Advances in Windows TCP/IP Networking), there are a number of bottlenecks that affect TCP throughput. Here, I will give some examples of how we’ve addressed these bottlenecks in the Windows Vista TCP/IP stack....
  • Stephen Toub


    With the June 2006 issue of MSDN Magazine online as of today, I now have 30 articles published on MSDN. I figure that's a good time for a recap. Here are the articles and the user-submitted ratings information for each (as of this morning). ...
  • IRhetoric - Karsten Januszewski

    MIX Sessions Posted -- More on the My Yahoo Prototype

    If you haven't heard, all of the MIX sessions are now posted. Definitely check out Darren David's talk on building the The North Face prototype -- lots of good info there. With these sessions live, it also gives me a chance to talk about one of the...
  • Espresso Fueled Agile Development

    p&p Team Space

    Today, I only have time for a short note. Rather than do anything technical, I figured I let people in on what is going on in p&p. A while back, Darrell Snow mentioned the new team-oriented collaboration space that the patterns & practices...
  • Gabriele Castellani blog

    Windows Vista Webcast Series

    Come segnalato da Marco domani inizieremo una serie di webcast di approfondimento su Windows Vista e WinFx che proseguirà fino a fine Luglio (probabilmente anche oltre). Se volete maggiori informazioni abbiamo creato una sezione del sito MSDN dedicata...
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