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  • marcus's Team System motivation and experience

    Fastest way to get DBPro Role CTP3 up and running

    Here we go. CTP3 of Visual Studio for Database Professionals is available online. I already installed it a few days ago and wanted to share my experience: Direkt Download of CTP3 comes first, for sure. More information see
  • IEBlog

    IE June 2006 Security Update is now available

    The IE cumulative June 2006 security update is now available via Windows Update . Alternatively, you can receive this and all other Microsoft updates via the new Microsoft Update and I encourage you to upgrade to Microsoft Update if you haven’t already...
  • SQL Server Database Engine

    Data files: To Autogrow Or Not To Autogrow?

    This is a question that's come up several times at TechEd already and is a nice second part to the post I made late last night about shrink. The answer is usually a most emphatic 'no, its far better to manage the growth of your data files manually'. ...
  • Malcolm Bullock - Geek talking


    Hi, OK I thought that I should post my intentions for this area, they may change because at the end of the new I'm a complete newbie to this blogging lark. I see that there's a spectrum of bloggers, there are those who take '10 minutes' a day and post...
  • PDC2008

    PDC05 post-show sessions available a while longer...

    We’ve noticed that folks are still finding the online breakout sessions to be useful (you can find them here ) , so we wanted to let you know about steps taken/soon to be taken to make them available a while longer. First, as Mike Swanson has noted...
  • Microsoft Senior Sales Excellence Manager - Eric Ligman

    Your chance is almost gone, so claim your spot at Worldwide Partner Conference today.

    Are you planning to attend the Worldwide Partner Conference? Still debating? Going to sign up “tomorrow?” This is just a quick heads up for any last minute procrastinators that Worldwide Partner Conference is almost completely sold out! So if you’re planning...
  • michal.Log

    Msscci 1.1 is coming!!

    In just a few days we will release new drop of TFS Msscci Provider (keep the fingers crossed). We added support for two new IDEs and a few cool features. Here are the details: Support for Enterprise Architect 6.1 and PowerBuilder 10.5 Fixed order...
  • One Louder

    Marketing with guilt...

    It's working on me. Anything with dogs works on me. We are a big fan of Kongs in our family. Suspect it's only a matter of time before I assuage my guilt with one of these gizmos. Of course the link came from my dad...keepin' the guilt in the family...
  • Eric Jarvi

    VSTS Tip:

    Join the party - MSDN is gettin' wiki with it: (FAQ)
  • FinServ Blog

    Who Needs Trade Shows?

    If it’s the third week of June it must be time for SIA. At least the complaints are a little different from those about ACORD and BAI where vendors say all they see is vendor badges. At SIA people complain about the New York souvenir seekers who sign...
  • Chad Z. Hower a.k.a. Kudzu's Blogspace

    Blogging in English, Arabic, and more

    I’m not blogging in multiple languages. Well to be fair, I’m blogging in English and MVP and other volunteers are helping with translations. The system auto detects your browser settings, or you can override. In addition if your selected language...
  • ronpih's weblog

    Kenny Kerr

    I'm noticing a lot of good C++ (and other) articles from Kenny Kerr lately. Here's a link to the articles he's written:
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