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  • Paul Maher's Blog

    Developer Security Stories

    Thanks to everyone who has posted a Developer Security story...I promise all are being read and considered. There's still time to post go on give it a go! Please reply to my original post with any stories. Thanks, Paul
  • Koichi Nakamura's WebLog

    MSDN US サイト新着情報

    MSDN US サイト新着情報 RSS を更新いたしました。 MSDN 英語サイトの最新情報 の翻訳版です。 同じ内容を MSDN オンライン US 版更新情報 で公開しておりブラウザ上で閲覧することもできます。
  • go ahead, mac my day

    an interview with a Microsoft attorney

    Robert Scoble conducted an interview with Don McGowan, one of the Microsoft attorneys, and you can view the whole (unedited) thing over at Channel 9 . It's just under 50 minutes, but it's really quite interesting. There's an older interview with Mary...
  • Canadian Developer Connection

    [User Group Events] Juval Lowy at Calgary .NET User Group Tomorrow

    Juval Lowy will be speaking about Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) at the Calgary .NET User Group tomorrow. This should be an awesome talk. More information is available on the Calgary .NET User Group Website.
  • Office Development is more than VBA

    Office File Format goes XML

    Office hat ein neues Dateiformat und das basiert auf XML. Genauer gesagt Open XML. Das klingt so nach OpenSource. Ist es auch. Wo Open drauf steht, ist auch Open drin. Das Format ist komplett offen gelegt und bei der ECMA eingereicht zur Standardisierung...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Bumped by Bill on Channel9

    It's hard to get on Channel9 lately. They've certainly come a long way from the days of begging and hard networking for content and interviews. We filmed a video of our Scrum retrospective for Developer Solutions with demo's of the first three tools we...
  • Tetsuharu IKADAI's blog

    夏休みの宿題とMSF ~Vol.01

    さて,突然ですが僕は,昔小学生でした.当たり前か. 田舎で育ったため夏休みと言えば,本当に毎日のように真っ黒になって外で遊びまわっていました.懐かしいですね~.飽きもせずクワガタハンティングやザリガニハンティングの毎日でした.海,山,川どこでも行きました.半ば野生化してましたね.他にも秘密基地なんて作っちゃったりして.猫を飼ってみたり,友達の兄貴のベッドの下から盗ん(以下略) まぁ,とにかく,すごかったっす.遊ぶためのエネルギーがそんだけ溢れ出しているなら,少しくらい宿題に回せよ,とも思いますが...
  • Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

    Office Developer Conference Webcasts

    Lots of Office SharePoint Server 2007 stuff covered in Bill Gates' and Kurt DelBene's keynotes and other sessions.
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Interesting Finds from Slashdot on Coding Communities

    What communities are you a part of now that help you write and develop software? Slashdot | Coding Communities - What Works? . This was a great discussion because it relates directly to my job and my team. The answers given here were pretty varied...
  • Rob Caron

    Moving Team Foundation Server

    Quite a few people sent me e-mail recently asking for documentation that supports a number of scenarios to move Team Foundation Server between domains, hardware, and more. On the Team System User Education Team blog you’ll find some prerelease documentation...
  • Buck Hodges

    How to move your Team Foundation Server

    There is now draft documentation available that describes how to move a TFS server. Moving Your Team Foundation Server Deployment
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    Dell buys Alienware

    This will certainly help Dell improving (read: changing) their laptop and desktop design. I hope.
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