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  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Richmond .net February Meeting

    Speaking of user group meetings, I'm doing one...tonight! That's right, you can see and in person, talking about the Provider Model in ASP.NET 2.0! Please contain your excitement. :-) Actually, providers are indeed a pretty important part...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    CMAP February Meeting

    Wow. Hard to believe it's February already. This comes from my friends at the Central Maryland Association of .net Professionals : Central Maryland Association of .net Professionals Tuesday, February 7th - 6:30 PM CMAP Main Meeting UMBC...
  • James Manning's blog

    checkin policy to disallow certain patterns (for instance, particular extensions)

    A request that's come up a couple of times is to have a checkin policy help guide developers about certain file extensions that they shouldn't check in to version control. While making a policy with "forbidden extensions" is certainly possible, it's basically...
  • Steve Clayton

    My Blog: all change....Mid Market is open for business

    I've been thinking about the nature of my blog for a while and decided it was time for a fresh approach - lots of my colleagues and other folks do a great job of talking about products and technology and partner resources. Here are some great examples...
  • This is my old blog


    Last evening we had a developer focus group, we wanted to know what should we do better for developers in Israel. So we asked for a 3rd party company to interview a randomally chosen group of developers about various topics. It was kind of a dynamic...
  • Rafat Sarosh

    Code snippets - be smart, Type less.

    Get some C# ready made code snippets from here . Learn about snippets here .
  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    Backup software for your Windows Mobile 5.0 device

    For a certain time after the release of Windows Mobile 5.0, I have felt one important piece missing in the usability & security story of all those new devices: the ability to back up your system. With WM 5.0, there is no way to make a backup of your...
  • jpelak's blog

    Home at Last

    Well, my fancy new 64-bit laptop completed its odyssey and finally arrived. I was able to get build 5270 of the 64-bit version of Vista up and running in a partition on the hard drive, and will return to digging into WinFx. It should be quite an interesting...
  • East Region Microsoft CRM Blog

    Books for Microsoft CRM 3.0

    So as you guys can guess there are actually a couple of books coming out for Microsoft CRM 3.0. Wiley is publishing Microsoft CRM for Dummies . This book is being written by David Lee and Joel Scott. (I will let you know how this book turns out......
  • MSDN Ireland News

    MSDN Event Update for Ireland and Northern Ireland

    There are loads of events coming up over the next while in Ireland and Northern Ireland, with a lot of new speakers as well. INDA has talks lined up in Dublin and Waterford on .NET debugging and Agile programming. IrishDev have teamed up with the Irish...
  • Chris Johnson

    My hotel fridge in Seoul...

    Just now I was a bit thirsty as i was looking over some material for the Seoul leg of the O12 training I am delivering ... wander to the fridge ... open it up ... and what do i find?: Phoenix Juices A New Zealand organic orange juice in my hotel...
  • UK StudentZine Blog

    Things you should know about C# 2.0

    When developing an application there are often many ways to tackle a problem. The below link is a great introduction to a few concepts that any good C# developer should learn. Not only will they improve your productivity but they will also influence the...
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