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  • BorisJ's Blog

    Interop Chalk Talk - The Slides

    Upon request, I am posting the slides to my chalk talk. It's especially useful as I am not sure how these slides get included on the Tech-Ed DVD. I had a great audience for the talk, and it's really important that our team get the message across that...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Windows CE Shared Source Contest

    If you've read my power toy FY07 goals , you may have noticed the part about a power toy coding competition. I'm still in the very early stages of thinking about this, but fortunately there's already another team way ahead of me. Check out the Windows...
  • Rob's Speech Stuff

    A ring tone adults can't hear

    Have you heard about this? The irony is that it's an offshoot of a "teenager repellent" security device. Poetic...
  • .NET Security Blog

    CLR Inside Out: Using Strong Name Signatures

    Mike Downen , our CLR security PM, wrote the CLR Inside Out column this month in MSDN Magazine on strong name signatures. He covers what strong name signatures are, what they're good for, what they're not good for, delay signing, and test signing. I just...
  • David Kline

    MEDC 2006 Update: What went wrong in the debugging demo during APP326?

    Ever since I finished my MEDC 2006 presentation (APP326 - Essential Tips and Tricks for .NET Compact Framework Application Developers), I have been bothered by the fact that one of my demos did not work 100% as I had designed and practiced. During the...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Signed versions of the power toys available on MS Downloads

    In case your organization requires installing only signed binaries, we’ve provided code-signed versions of the Power Toys on MS Downloads.  If you do not require installing signed binaries, we strongly encourage you to download the power toys from...
  • Steve Clayton

    PTS-TV & Pingu

    What, Dave Sayers again…I know it looks like PTS-TV is turning in to the Dave show but it just happens his technology areas are hotter topics than ever right now. Our latest PTS-TV instalment has Dave talking to Andy about hairloss, High Performance...
  • Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits

    Performance Quiz #10 -- Thread local storage

    It's time for another quiz! A very short one this time. If I need some thread local storage and I might need several entries should I use: Thread.GetData(slot) and Thread.SetData(slot, object) or should I make my own static member like this ...
  • Developing Windows Applications by Mykola Dudar

    What is STL/CLR

    STL/CLR, originally called STL.NET, is an implementation of Standard Template Library (STL) that can operate with objects of managed types. It introduces set of containers, algorithms and interfaces similar in naming and programming model to STL. More details are coming in post in future....
  • Developing Windows Applications by Mykola Dudar

    Where is STL/CLR

    VC has started feature crew on integrating STL/CLR win Orcas version of Visual C++ and preparing for a release of it in the one of upcoming CTPS...
  • doncampbell's weblog

    Word 2007 on Aero Glass

    Cool - Long Zheng is at it again with this new screencast showing off Word 2007 running on Vista Aero Glass . He takes you on a tour of Word 2007, and covers a ton of features including: Editing and Publishing Live Zoom Live Style...
  • Steve's Identity Corner

    To Blog or not to Blog that was the question!

    Well for the longest time I have resisted the temptation to leap into the blogging arena, but no more, the question is answered. My name is Steven Woodward and I am a Technical Evangelist in the Windows Server evangelism team here in Redmond. Within the...
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