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  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    Tech Ed NZ still filling up fast!

    We had an internal meeting about Tech Ed this morning and it was revealed that it was already 47% full and we are not even out of the early bird yet. So if you haven’t registered, do it now ! Its filling up faster than last year!
  • Nelson Araujo's WebLog

    MSDN Wiki pages

    Microsoft released a Wiki for MSDN. You can check them here: My contributions to the Wiki can be found here:
  • Anna Liu's Weblog

    Links to my ACS NSW Chapter Software Factory Presentation

    I enjoyed meeting and chatting to 20 or so enterprise developers/architects/business analysts and managers last night at the 'Enterprise Software Development' Special Interest Group of ACS NSW Chapter. I promised to put my presentation up on my blog...
  • Espresso Fueled Agile Development

    Talking about Agile

    Part of what I do as a developer in patterns & practices is evangelize agile software development within Microsoft. In the past month, I have done five or six different talks. Most of these talks were with a small team that is piloting the adoption...
  • Malcolm Bullock - Geek talking

    Orange SPV M5000 and Vista for Mobile Connectivity?

    Earlier in the week I received a new toy business productivity device, an Orange SPV M5000 . I would love to whack off the top of my head the specs for this device but I can't! Sorry, I'll go look them up . I've got it because for some time I've been...
  • Francis K. Cheung

    Running VSTS unit tests on WM5 devices

    Porting Code and Unit Tests to the device: After much work, we ported the source code and unit tests from the desktop versions of CompositeUI, CompositeUI.Winforms, and ObjectBuilder projects to corresponding Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC projects...
  • Building Solutions

    Bill Gates

    So I get these e-mails from SteveB and Billg today and guess what? After five years, I no longer double take when I see one of their names in my inbox. The double takes stopped after the first year. In my role out in the field, e-mails from Steve and...
  • Microsoft Records Management Team Blog

    Records Management Feature: Information Management Policies (Part I)

    Over the last two weeks, we’ve given you an introduction to some of the concepts of Enterprise Content Management that are critical for the success of a records management program: content types (which provide a flexible way of classifying documents and...
  • Espresso Fueled Agile Development

    Test Driven Development is Good

    Last week, I was able to speak at the Engineering Excellence / Trustworthy Computing Forum, which is a Microsoft internal conference focused on writing better software. Some talks discuss experiences using new methodologies. Others focus on new tools...
  • Espresso Fueled Agile Development

    Yipes. Things are crazy.

    Wow. Things have been crazy recently (and they still are). Between ramping up on how things work in p&p, giving talks to other groups on Agile, working with product teams to see how their new products impact the guidance offered by p&p, and helping...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    What is open source? How about Open Source?

    I saw this today on Slashdot. I’ll admit that there always seems to be some contention here at Microsoft. Even on our team, where we do release source code and allow others to participate in the development on , seems to go back and forth...
  • Artificial Ignorance - the Anand Iyer chronicles

    BarCamp right here, in San Fran

    That's right - we're hosting BarCamp in SF, right here at the MS SF office . The thing runs from the evening of 6/23 till the afternoon of 6/25. If you want to join us, simply sign up at the wiki , and bring something black and something stolen with you...
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