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  • Have Data Will Travel

    Recycling Dialogs

    Recycling Dialogs In virtually all the Service Broker articles, books, presentations, and blog samples I have done over the years, one message is sent from the initiator to the target, a response is sent from the target to the initiator and END...
  • Pranav ... Blogging

    Being In Microsoft - 2

    This is the continuation of my post "Being In Microsoft - 1" actually when I started writing my previous post I was going to tell you things in Microsoft that make me proud that I am the part of such a company , but somewhere along the way, I got distracted...
  • Spat's WebLog (Steve Patrick)

    Setting up Vista for debugging...

    More of a reminder\bookmark for myself... and i copy and paste it here because I never know when links just up and disappear.. How do I edit the boot options? BCDEdit ( Bcdedit.exe )...
  • Tom Schultz's Blog

    Commerce Server 2007 RC Released

    Per Ryan Donovan (CS Group Product Manager) Download information...
  • Tom Schultz's Blog

    Halo 3 Announced at E3

  • Joe Stagner - Frustrated by Design !

    Your Mouse and Keyboard - MORE important than Shoes !!!

    On an average day I spend considerably more time using keyboard and mouse than I do wearing shoes. So having a good Mouse/Keyboard combination (Desktop) is more important to geeks then having good shoes. I've always had a preference for Microsoft...
  • Pranav ... Blogging

    Being In Microsoft - 1

    People keep on asking me how it feels being in Microsoft . Actually it's hard to explain because my limited vocabulary doesn't have so many good words tom match my feelings ! but the good thing is I always have a pack of incidents which explain why I...
  • Rob Caron

    Second Blog Anniversary

    Two years ago, I started this blog with the intent that I would blog like nobody's reading . At that time, Team System was still largely unknown outside of Redmond and I was preparing for Tech·Ed 2004 in San Diego. On the first anniversary of...
  • Roberdan

    Social Enterprise Considerations

    Finalized to find a technological best practice for a Social Enterprise Architecture implementation, the website is a good starting point. Two are the main reasons: good document taxonomy and presentation/organization; journalistic...
  • Ashish Jaiman's Blog

    Extension Methods

    How many times have we designed a utility class for shared functions that can be used across different projects. Some of these utility methods are written to extend existing types, adding methods like IsEmpty method for a dataset. Eg; public...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    I'm hyper.

    In late July I have an appointment with a surgeon who will remove my thyroid. Technically, this is known as a Total Thyroidectomy - a complete removal of the thyroid. In case you don't know, this is where your thyroid is (unless you've had yours removed...
  • MCS West Region Community - Database and BI

    Filtering SQL Queries on XML Columns

    Author: Brian Otto Storing xml data in the database is now very easy with the introduction of the xml data type. Xml data is inherently more complex than scalar values so when it comes time to retrieve data out of a table based on information contained...
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