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  • \\Brain\Backup

    nop, COM+ service control manager does not load the user profile

    And that's why when we try to work with certificates to sign outcoming messages (COM+/Serviced Components) and we load them from the user storage it doesn't work if the user is not logged on. The COM+ service control manager does not load the user profile...
  • Microsoft Excel 2010


    Greetings – since I was in absentia for more than a week, comments are shut off for recent posts. Accordingly, I am going to reply here to the last round of comments here. For those of you that suggested new topics, I have written them down, and will...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Code Snippets for Open XML Development

    The Open XML code snippets are out! These are a well-organized set of snippets that do the basic things every developer needs to do when working with Open XML documents. They're free, and all of the snippets come in C# and VB versions. Download them here...
  • : Gregory (Gus) Class's Media Technology Blog

    Windows Media Player 11 Skins

    I have recently started using Windows Media player 11 at work and home (soon will be using Urge to go on my Sansa!) and I got a little bored with the vanilla WMP 11 skin. So, I hopped over to and checked out a few of the skins that are available...
  • Steve Clayton

    losing our canary?

    How Microsoft Lost Their Canary Hugh at Gaping Void has added to the conversation on Bill and Scoble “leaving” and reckons we’ve run out of ideas. As you would expect, I don’t really agree :) Scoble leaving ups the ante in some...
  • Steve Clayton

    The world's youngest blog?

    My name is Euan . My good friends Rachel and Paul just had a wonderful delivery - their first child. Euan Robert McAdam. Paul and I spoke on friday about blog and he said he was thinking of blogs and what would be an interesting blog vs. some of the dross...
  • One Louder

    Bill Gates' Success and How it Applies to your Career

    In light of BillG's announcement that he will, over the next two years, transition to full-time work at the Gates Foundation, lots of people are talking about Gates, the man, and his contribution to the industry. There's talk from folks who had the opportunity...
  • Random Thoughts and Hints on Software Development

    GUI design - what does this button do?

    Recently, when going up in an elevator, I was puzzled by this picture. What do you think "Low Oil" button at the very top should do? ---------------------- A hint (white on white, select to see) It's not really a button. It's just some design genius...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Gillette. The Best a Geek Can Get?

    I lost my shaving stuff somewhere between London and Seattle last week. So I went off to the local shop and was confronted by an array of choice. I've been a Gillette 'man' for as long as I can remember shaving. So when I looked at the Gillette shelf...
  • Kevin Boske - VSTA

    Open XML Code Snippets Live!

    Yesterday our folks at Office Online released the first set of the Open XML Code Snippets to the web. These snippets work with Visual Studio.NET 2005 and are written in C# and VB.NET using the WinFX (oops) .NET 3.0 System.IO.Packaging API. When we...
  • SharePoint Apps: Alexander Malek's weblog

    Changing the ‘return URL’ for SharePoint forms

    Here’s a quick little tidbit that will help when building SharePoint applications. By default, when users fill out a SharePoint form, they are navigated back to the "All Items" page after pressing OK. You can easily change this behavior by altering what...
  • Musing on Database Development

    Tech Ed is over.... and I'm off to get married

    Well Tech ED 2006 Boston is now officially over and I find myself back in Seattle for 2 days. This years Tech ED was a great success, I think that the new TLC area worked exceptionally well with the combination of Hands-on Labs, cabanna area and Mocrosoft...
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