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  • Harry Pierson's DevHawk Weblog

    Moving On...

    It's not the biggest job change news this week (or the day ), but after three years on Architecture Strategy and six years total as an evangelist, I'm moving on to a new role. After six years, I decided it was time for me to put my money where my mouth...
  • Mark's Tech Blog

    Office Groove 2007

    Well, its been quite a while since I've posted, so I want to tell you about a new addition to the Microsoft Office family. Groove is an exciting application which enables individuals to collaborate more effectively. It is also a unique collaboration application...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Best Practices for DllMain

    DllMain keeps on popping up as a pain point for developers. Heck, just yesterday we found an old bug where a component was calling CoFreeUnusedLibraries in its DllMain function. So it was really cool that this morning I came in and discovered an...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Anyone but you again

    In this new age of corporate transparency and customer connection at Microsoft there is a thought that crosses the minds of everyone at least once or twice a year. If it doesn’t cross your mind at all over the course of a year then I’d probably tell you...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Shared Source Contest: DVR Engine Live Chat

    Microsoft will hold a special online "live chat" June 22 for participants in the 2006 Windows CE Shared Source Contest (and other interested developers). The event centers around the Shared Source digital video recorder (DVR) "engine" from the Windows...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Virtual TechEd 2006

    If you are not able to attend this years TechEd event you can catch up with what's happening over at Virtual TechEd . - Mike
  • Bill Lin's Blog

    Timeout when using SqlBulkCopy

    For certain size of data, SqlBulkCopy.WriteToServer() may throw a timeout exception, although it won't happen when MARS is turned on. The problem is caused by a bug in the code for handling some boundary scenarios. The workaround is to apply this patch...
  • Yasser Shohoud

    WCF RSS Sample

    Mark is looking for some sample code for the recently released WCF RSS Toolkit . I've put the readme up here . I won't repeat the whole readme here but here's a peek at the programming model. There are several shortcuts for feeds from databases and feeds...
  • SQL Server Database Engine

    When should you rebuild the transaction log?

    10 points if you answered "don't be daft, never! " and minus several million is you answered anything else. Yes, if you have no backups and your hardware has corrupted your transaction log then you have no choice but to rebuild it, but this should never...
  • JrzyShr Dev Guy

    Use NMock to eliminate dependencies during the development cycle and improve code quality

    During the development cycle, the scenario often occurs where Developer A is working on a component that depends on a component worked on by Developer B. Of course, B’s component isn’t ready yet. ‘A’ feels hopelessly stuck and ends up twiddling her thumbs...
  • JrzyShr Dev Guy

    Moments of Enlightenment

    As this blog evolves, I’ve been debating what type of blog it should be. One of my primary goals is to help support the developer community here in the north east. To that end, I’ll be posting about local user group meetings, code camps, Microsoft events...
  • A Freaky Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog

    Microsoft CRM 3.0 Report Scheduling Wizard (Localized)

    Since I am Dutch, I tend to spend some attention to localized thingies. So today I saw this great email announcing that the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Report Scheduling Wizard is available for download in the following languages...... German, French, Dutch...
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