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  • Nanda Lella's WebLog

    Get Ready for Windows Vista

    Windows Vista Hardware Requirements Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Windows Vista Editions - all the above information available at
  • Moj mali spletni dnevnik

    Je moj računalnik sposoben?

    Včasih se čudim izrazom, ki jih kujejo naši ameriški izvedenci za trženje. Eden takih je zagotovo " Windows Vista Capable ". Izraz je namenjen oznaki računalnikov, ki so sposobni poganjanja novega operacijskega sistema. Sposobni računalniki bodo prepoznavni...
  • intellectually constipated

    Colorado PASS Camp 2006 – SQL Server Technology Summit

    First I want to thank everyone who attended the Colorado PASS Camp 2006 in Denver and my session this week. After we got past the technical issues, it was fast a furious as I tried to get to everything I wanted to show. Here is the link to the lab I presented...
  • Windows SideShow Team Blog

    Windows SideShow on Channel 9

    Dan and I had a chance to talk with Robert Scoble a few weeks ago about Windows SideShow. We used this opportunity to provide an update of where we are with the platform, show off some new concepts that we're working on and clarify a lot of misconceptions...
  • Windows Presentation Foundation User Education

    Using Speech Synthesis in a WPF Application

    Shows how to enable simple speech synthesis in a WPF application, using objects in the System.Speech.Synthesis namespace. Demonstrates how to play back speech, as well as control the volume and playback rate of speech....
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    May MSDN Forum Update Release

    This week the MSCom team, in an effort led by Jana, pushed out an update to the forum system that runs the MSDN forums . Jana just posted about the update here , but I'll save you the click... 1. Top Answerers Page: This page will display a list of...
  • : Gregory (Gus) Class's Media Technology Blog

    XBOX 360 Screensavers?

    Ever since I set up my 360 on my LCD tv, I have wondered if I could get some sort of fancy screensaver functionality out of it -- something similar to the Media Center screensavers. I read a short article on kotaky about a new "Japanese Fish sim" that...
  • Mike Ormond's Blog

    What is it about hotel food?

    I wont mention the names of the hotels but just recently I have had two terrible experiences. In Birmingham for the MSDN Roadshow I ordered room service on arrival (about 8pm) so I could do some work in my room. I was told it would take about 45mins ...
  • Rob Caron

    A Value-Up Paradigm

    The first chapter from Sam Guckenheimer ’s book ( Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System ), A Value-Up Paradigm , is available on InformIT . Previously, software engineering projects were managed from a "work-down" perspective...
  • Mike Ormond's Blog

    Is anything easier than falling out of the habit of posting to your blog?

    Jeez - I can't believe how long it is since I wrote anything. The MSDN Roadshow has completely absorbed me (and a few others) - you just forget there's a world outside! (By the way, if you were hoping to attend the Roadshow and couldn't get a place -...
  • Dave Massy's Blog

    Why Standards?

    There's a great post that I missed last week from Chris Wilson (my boss) discussing the engagement of the IE team with the Web Standards Project . Reading the comments it appears that there are some people that will not be satisfied whatever the IE...
  • barrybo

    GPS and the DeviceEmulator, Part 1 - emulated GPS without a GPS receiver

    Have you ever wanted to run a GPS-aware application inside the DeviceEmulator, without using a hardware GPS receiver? This would make both demos and test automation of GPS-aware applications much easier! It turns out that the support is built right...
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