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  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    Neues Buch zur SQL-Compact-Synchronisation

    Rob Tiffany , der Experte für mobile Datenbanksynchronisation auf Enterprise-Level, hat eine neue Version seines Buches zu diesem Thema fertiggestellt: Enterprise Data Synchronization with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server Compact 3.5 Mobile Merge...
  • 高橋 忍のブログ


    他の企業でもそうですが、Microsoftも期の代わりに合宿などをやることが多いです。 部門によっていろいろですが、1年の方針の再確認や技術的なセッションがあったりする場合がありますが、結構あるのが「チームビルディング」。仕事を円滑に進めるために、仕事ではなくゲームなどをチーム戦でやったりして結束力を高めましょうというもの。所詮ゲームはゲーム、と思ったりもしてしまう面もありますが、実際やってみるとかなりみんなエキサイトしますし、少なからず業務でもいい影響が出ます。 こういった部分への投資は継続して行ってほしいですね...
  • Inside Office Online blog

    Template du jour: Employee absence schedule for Excel 2007

    Today’s featured free template from is an employee absence schedule for Excel 2007 . Just click the image to download the template to your computer.
  • Lesson's Learnt

    All you want to know about People Picker in SharePoint ( Functionality | Configuration | Troubleshooting ) Part-2

    The Part 1 of this series talks about how People Picker works under the default configuration . In this post I will focus on what changes when we have SharePoint servers in the farm & principals ( users or groups ) belong to Different Active directory...
  • hiwatan's blog


    昨日(9/29)、東京都世田谷区にある東京都市大学を訪問しました。 150名以上の工学部の学生の皆さんにお会いすることができました。 プログラミングの授業の第一回目のゲスト講師ということで登壇させていただきました。   最後まで熱心に講演を受���いただきありがとうございました。 皆さんがこれから学習するC言語は、私も最初に熱心に学習したコンピュータ言語です。 先生も話しておられましたが、C言語を習った後は、C++、C#などの他のC言語ファミリーにも ぜひチャレンジいただければと思います...
  • INDEED blog

    Windows 7 Training Kit for Developers

    Със сигурност сте чували, че скоро предстои официалната премиера на нова операционна система. Windows 7 ще бъде официално представен на масовата публика на 22.10.2009. Ако сте отговаряте за софтуер, който работи под Windows, или ако разработвате такъв...
  • Inside Office Online blog

    The Beatles, swine flu, obits, and inventory lists

    Seth Godin 's post this morning sent me off on a crazy slalom down TechXav's list of the most popular Wikipedia articles in 2009 -- a mishmash where the Beatles keep company with swine flu and the Transformers , and where obits ( Deaths in 2009 ) and...
  • Visual Studio Training Resources for Technology Partners - Canada

    New Training Resources on Visual Studio

    Sales Introducing the Enrollment for Application Platform Click here for sales resources on Visual Studio For additional developer training resources on Visual Studio click here
  • Terry Zink: Security Talk

    How to reclaim your sender reputation - Introduction

    The following document is part of a paper that I presented at Virus Bulletin in Sept, 2009, in Geneva.  It outlines the process that my team has iterated over to clamp down on the problem of outbound spam. How To Reclaim Your Sender Reputation Background...
  • Inside Office Online blog

    Back to school for real

    Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or a student, you probably resolved to be prepared for September and back-to-school, but the first day came and went and some of you are no more organized than you were in July. Secondary school teachers: These resources...
  • Hans VB's WebLog - For FREE!!!

    Bioshock en Coca Cola Happiness

    Just launching a rumor (all fake). Judge yourself... Coca Cola Mortar man (from the Happiness Factory clips) is a son of a Bioshock Big Daddy . If it would be true there's some serious trouble coming to the factory ;-)
  • Microsoft UK Further Education Blog

    Would You Like To Know Even More About Unified Communications?

    Exchange Tour Unplugged 2007 24th October - 5th November 2007 Reading, London, Sheffield, Manchester, Maidenhead, Warwickshire & Glasgow More dates have just been announced, covering much more of the country. This is your opportunity to get the inside...
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