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  • Windows PowerShell Blog

    Using Format Control Strings.

    PSMDTAG:FAQ: How do I display large numbers with commas? PSMDTAG:FAQ: How do I use .NET formatting strings? As scripters, we often spend tons of times trying to get our data formated just the right way. Often this is an error-prone, frustrating experience...
  • Keith Smith's Blog

    Tech-Ed Takeaways

    My Tech-Ed 2006 has come to an end and now I'm eagerly awaiting my return flight home to Seattle. Boston is always fun although the weather can be a little too warm/humid for me. The city has changed a lot since I lived here from June 1993 to June...
  • One Louder

    The long overdue death of finger quotes in my repertoire

    You know finger quotes, those bunny ear motions you you make with your index and middle fingers to denote that what you are saying is "in quotes". Last night I watched Matt Lauer's Dateline interview with Brittney Spears. Oh don't're so...
  • Bertan's Blog

    Issues with installing MSBee as a non administrator user

    MSBee requires administrative rights to be installed and same thing is true for .Net Framework 1.1 SDK as well. If you are running your Windows under a non adminstrator user, you can use MakeMeAdmin script to install both MSBee and SDK. However as...
  • We > Me: Joe Morel's Blog

    Closing the Visual Studio General Forum

    All good things must come to an end. Well, that, and all pretty lousy things must come to an end as well. J About two weeks ago, the internal team that “owns” the Visual Studio General forum came to me with a problem. “The Visual Studio General forum...
  • Bertan's Blog

    MSBee on Microsoft Downloads

    Last week we posted signed binary release of MSBee in to Microsoft Downloads, you can download it from . We are providing this release...
  • go ahead, mac my day

    a change is gonna come

    Life in a technology company is never quiet. There's always a change on the horizon. This is especially true of my particular corner of this particular technology company: news from several companies impacts me. I pay pretty close attention to news from...
  • Test Guide

    Tablet Gaming

    I've been thinking about gaming on Tablets. Card games, Whack A Mole-like pound games, and board games benefit from the direct interaction you get from the tablet stylus. But what would a Tablet-specific game that takes advantage of the unique features...
  • RemLog

    Changing status, moving forward

    A quick note about what I am up to these days. Lots of folks have been asking me if I am going to ever blog again - for good reason considering the timing of my blogs so far, but, yes, I plan to get started again. My friend and guy in the office next...
  • One Louder

    All about the interview

    Lots of blog posts on interviewing recently....hmm, could be a sign of changes in the employment marketplace. Anyway, if someone does a good job of offering advice or insight, it keeps me from having to be charming with a post of my own. Better to just...
  • The ShiSh List

    Windows Embedded in Retail

    Retail technology is evolving from "point of sale" to "point of service." The key difference is that point of service—the new POS—greatly improves customer service with self-checkout counters, information stations, food ordering kiosks, and more. To...
  • Suman Chakrabarti - Coding for Office Apps

    Kudos to Bill G

    I have to say that I am impressed with Bill Gates' announcement to transition into a new role focused on the Gates Foundation. I find his humanitarian work truly honorable, and a task that I know he will continue to succeed at. It is sad that I just started...
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