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  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Vistas of Irony

    There's an old ("old" by our industry's standards) urban legend about irony that actually found its way into the Darwin awards. I remember it getting sent around back when it first surfaced some time in 1994. In fact, as I recall, Dave Luebbert was the...
  • Bill Lin's Blog

    Bill Gates' Transition

    Today Bill Gates announced his transition plans: Essentially in two years, Bill Gates will transition away from a daily role at Microsoft to focus on the charitable work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation...
  • Carter Maslan

    WPF training agenda - from humility to awe

    Karsten's 5-day WPF training agenda looks great. Karsten has helped partners design and develop some of the best showcase applications, so I trust his editorial judgment.
  • SQL Server Database Engine

    Which part of 'REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS' isn't clear?

    In my chalk/talk at TechEd yesterday, I asked the crowd "what's the purpose of repair?" One person got it right. The purpose is not to save data. Surprised? The purpose is to get the database back to a structurally and transactionally consistent state...
  • 川西 裕幸のブログ

    リアルタイム レンダリング 第2版

    「リアルタイム レンダリング 第2版」 を翻訳・出版しました。 この翻訳作業は2年以上前から始めていたのですが、私の仕事が遅いことと、他の書籍の作業もあってなかなか進みませんでした。やっと出せてほっとしています。リアルタイム 3D グラフィックスの書籍としては、現在ベストなものだと思います。 少し長くなりますが、私が書いた翻訳者序文を載せます。 日本のグラフィックス技術者、リアルタイム コンピュータ グラフィックスを専門とするプログラマや、それを志す学生、そして誰よりゲーム プログラマに...
  • The Feedback Loop

    Bug Update Notifications

    We've had an issue with detecting updates to the Microsoft side of things recently, which is why changes to your bugs have been haphazard or not occuring at all. We've identified the issue and a complete fix is going to be in tomorrow afternoon. In the...
  • Grammarware, Haskellware, XMLware

    Getting off the ground with this blog

    My static ego (a "plain web site") has lived for many (?) years now in Amsterdam . Since January 2005 I am with Microsoft at the XML end of things. Since my official title does not sound too impressive (“Program Manager”), I practice another informal...
  • ajoyk - random thoughts...

    Priorities changing for BillG

    If you have not heard about this news already, here is the link to the press release.( ). BillG is going to tranisition in July 2008 to take full time responsibility at the Gates...
  • The World As Best As I Remember It

    Corporate Blogs -- Gradations of Value?

    First, let me say once again, there has been no corporate pressure whatsoever to cut short my previous posting ( Broken Windows Theory ). Nobody has said, or even implied, that I need to change anything about what I said. So conspiracy theorists, please...
  • Visio 12 - Eric Rockey

    Creating custom data graphics

    One of the things we keep hearing from customers is a desire to make their own Data Graphics instead of using the ones we provide with Visio 2007. This is completely possible -- we designed Data Graphics to be extensible. Bill Morein, a fellow Visio blogger...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    Tech Ed NZ still filling up fast!

    We had an internal meeting about Tech Ed this morning and it was revealed that it was already 47% full and we are not even out of the early bird yet. So if you haven’t registered, do it now ! Its filling up faster than last year!
  • Nelson Araujo's WebLog

    MSDN Wiki pages

    Microsoft released a Wiki for MSDN. You can check them here: My contributions to the Wiki can be found here:
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