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  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Internet Explorer 7: Beta 2 Preview!

    No se pierdan de la actualización del Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta liberada ayer 20 de Marzo durante la conferencia MIX ! Consíguelo aquí:
  • Canadian Developer Connection

    Report from Mix 06 - Day 1

    Day 1 ended late but what a day it was. I'm down in Las Vegas at the first ever Mix conference . The conference is very much a conversation with business decision makers, developers and designers on building the next generation of web applications. What...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    Mix06: Robert Ingebretsen on WPF for Designers

    I just attended Robert Ingebretsen's excellent Mix06 presentation on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF/Avalon) for Designers. Robert worked closer to the metal than I would have expected for a talk oriented toward designers. I believe his goal was...
  • Advanced Workflow: Enabling Tricky Scenarios

    Spawned Contexts - Replicator, While, State, EventHandlers, and CAG

    Ever wonder why this.delayActivity1.TimeoutDuration sometimes doesn't change the timeout duration? How come this.callExternalMethodActivity1.ParameterBindings["(ReturnValue)"] isn't giving you the value you expect in some scenarios? How is it possible...
  • Hirlpoo West

    Gmail recipes

    I have a gmail account that I rarely use, but will from time to time to test out various email stuff (OOF messages for my customers, etc.). I've noticed they have recipes listed right above the input window. While clearing out my "spam" folder I got a...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    MIX06: Beyond the Browser

    The theme for the second day of MIX06 was Beyond the Browser. In disconnected scenarios, in scenarios where the application wants to have total control of the user experience, and in scenarios where you want to better integrate with tools the user...
  • robgruen's WebLog

    MIX06: Playing in the Sandbox - Playing nice with the other kids

    The Sandbox here at Mix contains all sorts of labs, vista pcs, windows media center, and of course the awesome ultra mobile pcs. :) I got to play with the devices and talk to Lora who was tending the devices and answering questions. Unfortunatley I had...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Good news on the job front

    Interesting report on Reuters today. U.S. college graduates are facing the best job market since 2001, with business, computer , engineering, education and health care grads in highest demand, a report by an employment consulting firm showed on...
  • Johan Lindfors

    Ny community: "Open XML Formats Developer Group"

    För dig som redan varit på Microsoft Live och sett mina enkla försök i att visa hur det nya filformatet i Office 2007 kommer att möjliggöra nya applikationer och lösningar så kanske detta kan vara intressant. Ett nytt forum där vem som helst som har en...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Mix06 Day 1

    I've uploaded a bunch of my Mix06 pics . My favourite is this one of Marc Canter advertising his microformats and structured blogging session he is running later today. Yesterday Marc asked Bill Gates a question around open APIs. I think he liked...
  • m | power

    Tickle Me Outlook

    The tickler file is another concept that I first encountered in David Allen's Getting Things Done, though its been around for quite a while. Definitions of what a tickler file is are on the web , but the basic idea is that you put reminders into a a file...
  • BizTalk Team Blog

    BizTalk Beginner Training Roadmap

    I often get request for pointers to training materials for people who are new to BizTalk and figure it's high time we provided a straight forward learning path. I'm going to maintain this post to provide a recommended training roadmap for beginners. Let...
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