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  • Building Better Software - One Line At A Time

    AutoLayout by Examples - Part 4 - Shrink

    Shrink: Mockup of a popular DVD Compression Program Project Name : Shrink.csproj. Download source . Characteristics : Multiple-level nested TableLayoutPanel Nested SplitterPanels Menu and toolbar Screen Shots : ...
  • Dave Baker's WebLog

    What's WEPOS?

    Did you know that whenever you take a trip through the checkout lane your probably having a close encounter of the embedded kind - and those checkouts are undoubtedly running an OS. Windows XP Embedded is a good choice for POS devices, delivering the...
  • Building Better Software - One Line At A Time

    AutoLayout by Examples - Part 4 - XP Calculator

    XP Calculator: Mockup of the XP Calculator Project Name : Calculator.csproj. Download source . Characteristics : Many rows and columns in a single TableLayoutPanel Screen Shots : Dialog Designer Layout : ...
  • Windows Forms Documentation Updates

    Deploying Satellite Assemblies On Demand in a ClickOnce Application

    Need to deploy satellite assemblies for your ClickOnce app? One way to do it would be to generate a new deployment for each localized version of your app, and include only the satellite assembly required for each localized version. Needless to say, if...
  • Backstage @ Robotics

    Flight of the Bumblebee

    ok so we just got our flight schedule for the MEDC International Ontour events. one word. CRAZY! I was expecting to fly a lot but ugh. Mike did some basic calculations and here's what he came up with. Total miles: 26,320 Flight Time...
  • Test Guide

    Reading List

    Apoorva suggests, "[H]ow about linking to any other test/dev blogs/sites/resources that you frequent, or feel would do good for beginners/seasoned testers as a read." I'll do this in three parts: books permanently on my bookshelf, key blogs I track...
  • jeff's WebLog

    on pop-ups

    I get a lot of e-mails from Internet Explorer users asking why they still get pop-ups even though they have turned on the Pop-up Blocker. Barring user error, there are three possible reasons discussed below. Note: I will discuss several Pop-up Blocker...
  • Outside The Cube

    Windows Vista Tech Beta Nomination, Part 6...

    Reminder with a sledgehammer... - I can still nominate interested folks, - if you neglect to provide your first and last name along with your email address, you will not be nominated - I will not send you an email reminding you either (I just don...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Great resource for VB6 & classic ASP developers

    Are you a VB6 or classic ASP developer looking for resources to get up to speed on Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0? Did you read my blog post about the ASP.NET 2.0 Webcast Series for PHP, JSP, and ColdFusion developers and wonder "What about...
  • Glen's old blog

    PPC Remote Control

    During one of my recent MSDN Events presentations on mobile development, I used a utility to display what's on the screen of my Windows Mobile 5.0 device on my laptop. The utility is Pocket Controller by SOTI and not only lets you display the screen of...
  • Il blog di Giulio Vian

    Due cose sulla configurazione in Whidbey

    Per leggere la configurazione da un assembly DLL la risposta è su alla domanda Q: Is there a way to access settings from the configuration files if I don't have a reference to the settings class that...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    It Needs More Cowbell

    Have you ever been working on a project and something just seems... missing? Sean Gerety pointed out the missing ingredient... we need more cowbell .
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