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  • Office OFFline Comic Strip

    Merge madness

    Today's Office OFFline comic was inspired by recent events and created with the help of the Visio tournament bracket . Become a fan on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter | Create your own comic
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Next geekSpeak: Shawn Wildermuth

    Glen Gordon has Shawn Wildermuth lined up for today's geekSpeak For our last geekSpeak in June, we have the return of Shawn Wildermuth, who will be taking questions on a different aspect of Silverlight development. Shawn's going to discuss the implications...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    Feature in Wix v3.0 to make it easier to test rollback custom actions

    When authoring deferred custom actions (which are custom actions that change the system state) in an MSI, it is necessary to also provide an equivalent set of rollback custom actions to undo the system state change in case the MSI fails and rolls back...
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Norge

    Vertikala mallar för Microsoft CRM

    Under sommarens World Wide Partner Conferance lanserades vertikaliserade mallar för offentlig sektor och tillverkande industri i Microsoft CRM. Mallarna är lätta att ladda ned och installera in i systemet och består av följande: Datamodeller Användargränssnitt...
  • Sehmi-Conscious Thoughts

    Aspiring Architect Series - 2008

    My mate Mohammad Akif in Microsoft Canada is doing a sterling job helping folks aspiring to become Software Architects by providing a gentle introduction to common methodologies and software architectures. Visit his Blog to see the full list of upcoming...
  • Nikhil's Blog

    Commerce Server 2007: Catalog Import Error for Large Files

    When you are trying to import a large catalog into the commerce server catalog system you might come across this error: The import failed because the import file is larger than the maximum size allowed on your server.  Contact your system administrator...
  • Steve Clayton

    Mix UK - early bird @ £199

      The date is in the diary and early bird registration is now up and running - £100 off if you book now for Mix UK. The agenda looks great and I know the keynote speaker (Scott Guthrie) is going to be terrific so make sure you're there and look...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    Orange France provide the HTC Touch as P3450

    Ludovic posted a comment on my blog after the T-Mobile article I published highlighting that T-Mobile Germany had launched the HTC Touch. It seems Orange France have also now launched the device as the Orange P4350 You can get more details (translated...
  • Veni, Vidi, Velcro...

    68 iPhone bugs, and counting...

    While I have immense love for Apple and it's products, my adulation for iPhone is yet to come! I really really hate the keyboard :( either my fingers are Godzilla's fingers or the touch screen keyboard of the phone that I used wasn't good...and I think...
  • 松崎 剛 Blog

    GAC の中の dll

    こんにちは。 .NET のベテラン開発者の方にとっては当たり前のことですが、最近 .NET をはじめられた方のために、以下に、GAC (Global Assemby Cache) についての予備知識をいくつか記載しておきます (.NET の上級開発者の方は以下は読まなくて充分です)。 Visual Studio をインストールした環境で GAC の中の物理ファイル (dll) をエクスプローラからのぞこうとすると、ファイルとしてではなく、アセンブリとしての情報が表示されているかと思います...
  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    Cruising To Alaska

    I'm headed off on a cruise to Alaska for about a week. Don't expect to see much blogging going on during that time. I have been having a lot of inspirations for post topics lately (can you tell?) so expect some good stuff when I return.
  • SQL Server SSIS and Replication

    Issue with Web Services Task in SSIS

    Recently I've observed a new issue with Web Services Task in SSIS (2005 build). The Web Service Task fails with: <error> [Web Service Task] Error: An error occurred with the following error message: "Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.WebServiceTask...
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