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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    TechTalkBlogs : 5 weeks since launch

    It's Monday, which means I need to do an update on TechTalkBlogs , as it moves into it's fifth week since launch System Summary Apr 3 Mar 27 Mar 20 Mar 13 Mar 6 Feb 27 Active Feeds: 222 219 218 ...
  • Priyo's SharePoint Blog

    SharePoint 2007 - A Revolution

    Truely, SharePoint 2007 is a revolution by itself. One will be amazed to find the enhancements and the new features that has been incorporated in the new version of SharePoint. Now that at least some information is available publicly, let me add my 2...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work - cool stuff you may not know

    I was talking to Nigel this morning about something to do with that had just been released and I couldn't remember what it was... but then I checked my blogs this morning and remembered. The team have just released a gadget for Live...
  • Joe Stegman's WebBlog


    I’m been working on some WPF/E samples and I needed to do a mirror rotation. Although I could do this with a combination of canned transformations I prefer to use the general MatrixTransform. This is easy to do if you understand the affine transformation...
  • Yves Dolce

    C++ Templates - The complete guide

    One of the numerous benefits that working at Microsoft brings is that you can just walk in one of the internal libraries and find such a book . I've just finished the first hundred pages and although I did not learn much as I know that topic, it was still...
  • I'm not a Klingon ( )

    Cheating to Install Custom Cultures - Updated 20 June 2006

    Warning: This technique will make it hard for an installer build by the Microsoft Locale Builder tool to overwrite the locale you're playing with. You should use the locale builder installer to install and uninstall locales. This technique is primarily...
  • Yves Dolce

    Brazilian Groove

    This CD is really very nice. This is already the 3rd time I'm listening to it in a row... Now, the trick is to get those artists original CDs, their own: l ooks like I need to go to Brazil. ;-) Muito obrigado Cristina.
  • WebLog de Stéphane PAPP [MSFT]

    Extension du support de MBSA 1.2.1

    Le fichier MSSecure.XML continuera encore quelque temps à être mis à jour. Microsoft devrait publier vers fin juin une nouvelle date de fin de support de cette version. Pour mémoire, la version 2.0 offre une nouvelle méthode de détection de correctifs...
  • Steve Clayton

    IT Assessment tool: free download

    Doh…I blogged this last week but forgot to provide the link to the actual download. Get it here
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    MEDC world tour starts next week - First stop India...

    Next week is the start of the world-wide MEDC tour (Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference) - The first conference is in April 4-6 Bangalore, India - The main Embedded speakers are Doug Boling (Windows CE) and Sean Liming (Windows XP Embedded) - both...
  • Stephen Toub


    I know this will be extremely short lived, but I experience this phenomenon so rarely that I felt compelled to share its beauty with the world:
  • Steve Clayton

    SBS blogs/podcasts

    As well as our own SBSGUY blog here in UK with David Overton, I came across this cool blog earlier in the week that is the official podcast of SBS support. Check out the SBS Transition Pack where they talk about features such as Direct Push email in Exchange...
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