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  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    A New Job (part #2)

    I am tired of interviewing. I know that is an unpopular thing for a recruiter to say, but it is exhausting. Oddly enough, I interview people all day long and find it exhilarating, but going through the process personally is draining. All of you job seekers...
  • Brad Abrams

    A Persnickety Developer reviews the Framework Design Guidelines

    I recently ran across this review for the Framework Design Guidelines . A couple of interesting quotes: The fun part of this book was reading all the annotations that were given throughout that sometimes revealed insider mistakes made and I got...
  • Keith Lim's Biztalk BAM Blog

    Sample code to retrieve server and database info of Biztalk MessageBox and PIT

    Since there is a request for this, here is an example to retrieve server name and database for Biztalk MessageBox and BAM Primary Import database. Since this is accessing internal implementation, this code is not supportable (use at your own risk) and...
  • Tech, Media & more!!

    Infopath 12

    Hi, I'm copying this from Bart Wessels, he is mentioning all the cool things about Infopath 12, if you have any comments please post them here! if you have any more ideas about improvements, please don't be shy!! Data Connection Libraries in SharePoint...
  • Tech, Media & more!!

    xbox 360

    HI!!! Well I am one of the lucky few to have one xbox 360!! and yes I'm loving it!! I'm currently playing: DOA4 Madden 06 NBA 06 CoD2 my gamertag is jiribead0r (that's a zero) if anyone wants to play...
  • Gamerscore Blog

    Peter Moore to Spotlight Games for Windows at DICE

    On Friday, Peter Moore speaks at this week's DICE (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain). His topic? “ Microsoft, the Changing World of PC Games .” I’ll try to get hold of notes from the presentation. Kotaku points out that the show also features...
  • Jason Sacks's Windows SDK blog

    Disk space causing installation failure

    I received a wave of user bugs this week that come down to the SDK not having enough disk space to install. For the Feb CTP and all previous releases, the SDK needs about 1.5 GB of disk space for installation. We don't have the ability to select custom...
  • IEBlog

    IE Developer Toolbar Beta 2

    Beta 2 of the developer toolbar is now available. Beta 2 includes numerous fixes to improve stability, usability and performance along with a couple of additional features such as the ability to enable and disable CSS on the page. The developer toolbar...

    Security eForum

    Register for the upcoming Security Seminars and Interchanges coming to a city near you. Click here to visit the Security eForum Site
  • This is my old blog

    VS 2005 Launch [Israel] event recordings are live

    You can watch at: This was the keynotes track and it's in hebrew. It is the first time that we recorded the sessions in that way and I'd be happy to get feedback if it's good/bad/need more work...
  • TipTalk: from Microsoft At Home & At Work

    What is Virtual Memory?

    Over the holiday break I was reading through reader feedback and found a great question: What is "Virtual Memory?" I know there's a great joke in that question somewhere but I can’t remember what it is... Anyway, when you're talking about your computer...
  • Windows Forms Documentation Updates

    Application.ThreadException sample now works!

    Several customers have pointed out to me that the sample for the ThreadException event doesn't even compile, let alone work. Similarly, the topic containing it never clearly differentiated between exceptions on Windows Forms threads (which are handled...
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