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  • SQL Server Database Engine

    New SQL Express Starter Kit and Sample Apps available on MSDN

    Collection Manager Starter Kit Overview The Collection Manager is a rich client application that enables you to create and manage any type of collection. A sample database is included, and you can create any additional number of custom...
  • The Design-Time Developer

    Should everyone go to college?

    In 9 Money Rules to Live By [sic] , Liz Pulliam Weston stated, "The average graduate makes 70% more over his or her lifetime than someone who stops with a high school diploma." Without elaborating on the details of the survey or research, this statement...
  • Steve Clayton

    The Contoso train is pulling in

    Apart from a trial we have been running with about 30 UK partners, we’ve been keeping this project relatively quiet. At WorldWide Partner Conference though it will burst on to the scene. For people familar with the Technical Demonstration Toolkit...
  • Steve Clayton

    World Cup WeeMee

    Whilst the pub’s and clubs of England are cashing in on the World Cup frenzy the folks over at WeeWorld have some World Cup options for your new WeeMee. SMS&P is abuzz with WeeMee’s with Karl, Claire, Clare, Donna and others all joining...
  • ploeh blog

    Application Block MSDN Article

    My new MSDN Magazine article Patterns & Practices: Speed Development With Custom Application Blocks For Enterprise Library is now online on the magazine web site. It appears in the July 2006 issue and demonstrates how to create a custom application...
  • Wriju's BLOG

    ClickOnce Deployment : System.Deployment API

    Applied to: Visual Studio 2005 ClickOnce is the deployment revolution for SmartClient applications. This is very cost effective solution for Smart Client applications. Support cost is very less and the deployment is per user basis. So user does...
  • Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

    Introducing the SharePoint Community Champions Program

    [ Update: Yikes! Several people have informed me that my SharePoint Community side meetings conflict with my colleague, Mike Fitzmaurice ’s sessions on Windows SharePoint Servers V3 Overview and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Overview, which...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Social Networking: Keeping Kids Safe

    I’m on a kick lately about education and social computing. Part of it is because I feel strongly about the need for educators to learn about this quickly to catch up with their students and part of it is because there seems to be a lot going on in this...
  • Marc: My Words

    HPC on The Register

    There's a nice article on The Register on High Performance Computing mentioning Prof. Simon Cox at Microsoft HPC Institute at the University of Southampton. I've just finished a Proof of Concept project working with Simon and his team in the engineering...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Reston Code Camp TODAY!

    I'm getting ready to head over to the Microsoft office in Reston, VA, for the latest code camp in Mid-Atlantic. I'm very excited about the speakers we've got lined up. There's a lot of talent in these parts, and I appreciate the time and effort everyone...
  • Marc: My Words

    WinFx = .NET Framework 3.0

    And so the big news is that WinFx is to be officially titled .NET Framework 3.0. This post makes everything clear. In particular, I'm pleased that Infocard finally has a name "Windows CardSpace".
  • Marc: My Words

    A bit more Vista...

    Just to conclude on the Vista install - it's all working a treat now on my M400 and in particular I HAVE AERO GLASS WORKING. w00t! This was no real effort - just a trip to Windows Update.
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