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  • A CRM Riff

    Dynamics CRM 3.0 Performance Tuning

    Charlie Wood writes: I will be running a session at TechEd in Boston next week which is all about scalability and performance (the friendly cousins of tuning). There are plenty of considerations to take into account when talking about tuning and...
  • Musings on SQL Server Manageability

    Last work day before TechEd

    So I'm on the plane tomorrow... brushing up slides & demos today, getting ready to head out. I'll be hanging around the booth, answering questions, and showing folks the great stuff we're working on. I'm also starting to think about finishing up this...
  • XinXin's Blog -- BizTalk Server && BAM

    BAM Add-in "Export XML" Issue Resolved

    Microsoft released an Excel security patch ( KB905756 ) on 3/14/2006 that breaks the "Exporting XML" functionality for BAM add-in (click here for detailed description). The Excel team had been working on this issue and had released a hotfix that resolves...

    A Quick Update

    I was out of town for most of this week, so I am busy catching up on things here. First, I would like to thank Jon for this post , pointing out some areas of improvement which can be made in the designer re-hosting sample that I pointed to. Paul then...
  • The .NET Sweatshop (v2)

    Open letter to SteveB - Privatize Microsoft!

    (NOTE: I am not affiliated with the people who make these decisions, so please don't assume there's any insider info here--just one guy with one 'wacky' idea speaking his peace and throwing out some food for thought) Dear Steve, I see you've made...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Open XML at TechEd and Codeplex

    If you're going to be at TechEd in Boston next week, be sure to check out Brian Jones's presentation on the Office Open XML file formats. It's Wednesday at 5:30, and Brian has all the details on his blog . If you've been doing any development around...
  • UACBlog

    See User Account Control in Action

    We created this video to show those who haven’t had a chance to try Windows Vista yet what User Account Control looks like and to demonstrate the benefits of running Windows as a standard user. Start video . This 12 minute video includes:...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Butler, PA .net User Group June Meeting

    • 0 Comments From my friends at BADNUG : The June BADNUG meeting, on Thursday, June 22nd, will be a SQL Server Potluck. Round up your favorite SQL Server tools, tips and tricks (for 2000 and 2005) and prepare to share them! Rich Dudley will...
  • Gilles' WebLog

    BizTalk Addin for Reflector

    This is an addin for Reflector that allows you to list all BizTalk artifacts contained in an assembly and extract them. Installation Donwload the attached file and extract Reflector.BizTalkDecompiler.dll into the same directory as Reflector (otherwise...
  • Doug Mahugh

    Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

    If you're doing complicated CSS markup, or just doing something simple like hacking up the CSS on your MSDN blog (for example :-)), there's a tool you must have: the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar . It adds the above toolbar to your browser...
  • Kevin Lam's Web Log

    Latest volume of Uninformed available!

    If you're a fan of the old Phrack , you'll definitely enjoy Uninformed . -- Kevin Lam, CISSP Senior Security Technologist Microsoft Application Consulting & Engineering (ACE) Team
  • East Region Microsoft CRM Blog

    Slide Deck from yesterday's VPC LiveMeeting

    WOW. We had some awesome turn out for the LiveMeeting. And the questions just kept coming. I lost track of the number of questions asked and answered. J Thanks to everybody who came and heard us speak. I did learn a best practice. It is called don...
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