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  • The dot before the Net

    Developer Community site for .Net 3.0

    Just on the heels of renaming Winfx to .Net 3.0, a new developer community site has been created for the technology. Find it at - Going forward, this is going to be a key channel to build the excitement around...
  • Code Analysis Team Blog

    TIP: Get more information about a rule/warning within Visual Studio [David Kean]

    Did you know you can get more information about a particular rule/warning within Visual Studio; including its description, information on how to fix it, whether or not it is considered a breaking change, when or when not to suppress it and code samples...
  • Nigel Parker's Outside Line

    OpenSearch for Trade Me!

    Following on from my post on openseach and digirama ... I just got an email from Rowan from Trade Me saying they have implemented an opensearch provider for their site as well! To test it install IE7 Beta 2 go to and the search...
  • A Hole In My Head

    Sorry about the lack of posts

    Last week was pretty evil ;(. A bug that should have taken half a day ended up taking an entire week to regression test (and add a new unit test). Anyways, that took up my entire week and left me no time to write. This week should be a little better,...
  • A Hole In My Head

    When is a reported PDO recognized as PDO by PnP?

    Sometimes as a bus driver you need to access the PDO's Device Parameters key of its device node (to set a value for a class installer for instance) or register a device interface for a raw PDO. These are actually instances of a bigger problem, when...
  • Digital Ruminations

    DLinq User-Defined Function support

    [Updated on 8/30/2007: Code samples below updated for Beta2. The main thing we did was simplify the code required by providing framework methods ExecuteMethodCall/CreateMethodCallQuery that create the required expression trees (where you had to create...
  • WebLog de Stéphane PAPP [MSFT]

    Annonce de la gamme de produits Microsoft Forefront

    Lors du Tech•Ed 2006 qui se tient actuellement à Boston, Ted Kummert a annoncé une nouvelle dénomination, Microsoft Forefront, pour un ensemble de produits de protection des clients, serveurs et réseaux périphériques. Les produits annoncés sont : ...
  • Cloudy in Seattle

    .Net Framework 3.0

    A while back, I had an acquaintance of mine make the statement "Microsoft is dropping .Net". With the popularity .Net, why do you suppose he had that impression? It turned out he had confused WinFX with .Net and figured that WinFX was a replacement...
  • Andy Simonds Blog

    Flickr Addiction

    This year I have gotten more and more addicted to Flickr. Don't know how it happened. I've tried several photo sites including msn-spaces as a way to share photos, but Flickr seems to be the best. Photography is probably my #2 hobby behind golf (and when...
  • Mike Hernandez Blog

    Tech Ed 2006 – Day One – Monday, June 12

    It was a bright sunny day in Boston today. It’s too bad because I spent most of the time inside the Boston Convention Center . I have to admit that I did have a lot of fun, though. I spent most of the morning with my colleagues from the Trinity...
  • Skinner's Blog

    Manage Change, Mitigate Risk: Part One

    We’re here, TechEd Boston! I truly can’t believe how fast this conference has snuck up on us, as we have been planing on making our initial public CTP available here for a number of months now. But it is upon us, we are ready ( Yeah! ), and the conference...
  • SQL Server Database Engine

    Here's a good reason not to run SHRINKDATABASE...

    .. this is an old one, but its poorly understood and it just surfaced again today so I thought I'd share it. Situation: customer keeps his indexes nicely defragemented during the day so that his range scan queries perform well. Every morning, he comes...
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