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  • Paul Andrew

    One Week To TechEd And Workflow Will Be There

    One of the WF break out sessions that discusses Web Services interaction wih WF is being WebCast live on the Internet. If you aren't going to TechEd there's more online that you can participate in here . There are 15 of us going to be at TechEd representing...


    How to send Message from WSE3 client to WCF service? WCF SERVICE SIDE: (1)You have to define custom binding to communicate with WSE3 client apps(when you are communicating with WSE clients, you can't use standard binding) (2) In this custom binding...
  • NicolBlog

    Automatic Wallpaper Changer for Vista

    I just found this free cardware Wallpaper Changer . It looks interesting and compatible with Vista. Have a look when you have time. Don't you know what cardware software mean? Here there is a cardware definition from wikipedia:-)
  • Partner-TV: telling it like it is

    Windows Vista Intro

    David Overton spends some time talking Katie through the benefits of Vista beyond the eye candy. What do Clear, Confident and Connected really mean? David explains in two takes – one with demos included and one which is pure Parky style. Take...
  • Steve Clayton

    Can Apple make me a better presenter?

    Well if I can learn any of the Steve Jobs magic then yes, they probably can – so I decided to register for one of their Seminar’s Online: Improve Your Presentation Skills . This isn’t entirely about my presentations skills though as...

    Commerce Starter Kit 2.0: Beta 2

    Commerce Starter Kit 2.0 Beta 2 has been unleashed on the world! You can check it out at . And, thanks to Mark from UltimaHosts, you can play with a live demo at . What is it? It's on Open...
  • Daniel Moth

    May's posts on The Moth

    - Speaking at Mobile & Embedded Developers Conference - Registration at MEDC - .NET MicroFramework - MEDC wrap-up - AKU builds - Device Emulator with WM 5.0 - Vista Beta 2 - Vista Mobile Device Center - MSDN Roadshow - Vista...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    RI .Net User Group

    The RI .Net User Group will meet this week on Wednesday, June 7 when Mauro Cardarelli will present: Building Web Parts with Visual Studio 2005 Hands-On! Web Parts are cool! If you've never seen them in action you're in for a treat. Developers can...
  • Backstage @ Robotics

    patterns & practices Mobile Client Software Factory CTP is available now!

    The patterns and practices group has just announced the Community Tech Preview of the Mobile Client Software Factory for Windows Mobile Enterprise Application Development. You can download the bits here :
  • Nick Guerrera's blog

    Implementing IDictionary[TKey, TValue] Isn't Trivial

    I recently needed a dictionary which uses weak references to store both its keys and values, but which otherwise tried its hardest to look and feel just like any other IDictionary<TKey, TValue>. Since there's no such collection available in the...
  • Thomas Dreller's Blog

    Live Local Beta

    Ohne die Änderung der Auflösung in FeedMap hätte ich es nicht bemerkt: Die Beta von Virtual Earth Live Local hat einen Upgrade bekommen - die Auflösung der Satellitenbilder in Deutschland beträgt jetzt eine Meile. Damit kann man schon einiges anfangen...
  • Robert Deluca's Blog

    What? No Posts Here?

    My team's work-related blog: My personal photo blog and spooky tracking site:
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