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  • Code Analysis Team Blog

    FxCop 1.35 RC1 online

    Last week we had a push to fix many of the issues reported on the forum and include them in the FxCop 1.35 release. 32 bugs later, we have a release candidate ready. The code changes between FxCop 1.35 Beta 1 and RC 1 range from simple bugs such as...
  • Cool Client Stuff

    Using as a Search Page

    I have always felt there is a fundamental distinction between a 'search page' and a 'home page'. A search page should be very fast, have a prominent search box and no other content to distract me from doing my search. A home page, on the other hand, should...
  • Microsoft Senior Sales Excellence Manager - Eric Ligman

    FREE* 3 Years of Software Assurance on Office Small Business Edition, Windows XP Pro Upgrades & SBS CALs! (But time is limited!)

    Yes, you read that right! You can now get Microsoft Office Small Business Edition, Windows XP Pro Upgrades and SBS CALs WITH 3 years of Software Assurance for all three of these components for every PC in your company for the same price as buying these...
  • Tetsuharu IKADAI's blog

    夏休みの宿題とMSF ~Vol.03

    【計画化フェーズ:Planning】 (のつづき) さて,前回はビジョンを立て,その過程を評価するペルソナを作りました.つまり,まだ全然計画フェーズが終わっていないということですね.アイタタタ. 【要求分析:Requirement Analysis 】 一口に夏休みの宿題と言ったって,難易度,面倒臭さはそれぞれです.計画を立てる時点で,まずは宿題の中身をしっかりと眺めることが重要でしょう.漢字ドリルの最初のページをちらちら見て「見る」とか「食べる」みたいな簡単な漢字ばかりが並んでいる,と思って甘く見ていると...
  • Patrice Manac'h Web Log

    Ajout d'assistants au designer de Worflow Foundation (et fin)

    Voici la bonne solution pour le déclenchement de CreateComponentsWithUI au moment du drop (une nouvelle fois grace à Sergey Chub). L'idée est la suivante : l'opération est initée par l'objet toolbox que vous aurez probablement créé (implémentant IToolboxService...
  • Kam VedBrat

    bike mount for ipod nano...

    Gizmodo pointed me to this cool bike mount for the ipod nano ! I've been really enjoying using the nano for cardio outside... can't wait to get on the bike with it next...
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    A gift from the Cairns User Group

    What do you give a man that has everything? Well back in February I visited the Cairns User Group for a day long hands on lab and the Cairns residents gave me an expected gift – Ross River Fever ! In their defense I am pretty certain it was during...

    Boom Month for IT Jobs

    The technology employment market registered its best growth for some time during March, with job vacancies jumping a massive 10.65 per cent on February's figures, a monthly survey found. Read more at Australian IT
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger Website Launched

    How could I have missed this little gem - VCNewsCentral. Love your work NickHac ! It looks strangely familiar... Website Launched Today (Another NickHaC Production) Howdy friends and email list buddies... I wanted...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Which are my Top Posts ?

    I'm still exploring the data provided by BlogBeat . Yes, I have subscribed to the service, as I find it really really useful. And it's an ASP.NET application, so that's good news too. Today, I looked at the top posts todate. (Remember, I've been...
  • Tim Sneath

    Learn WPF in 20 Minutes!

    Well, perhaps I'm exaggerating a little (!), but we've just posted a great 20-minute screencast from Fil Fortes (one of the PMs on the WPF team), who builds a XAML browser application from scratch using XAMLPad, Visual Studio 2005 and Expression Interactive...
  • Nelson Araujo's WebLog

    Updating a template

    Due to the way the file system is organized into the disk, it is not possible to patch the disk on the parent without invalidating (thus destroying all modifications made since then). The recommended procedure to update a template would be: Create...
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