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  • Mark Ashton's WebLog


    Hi, my name is Mark Ashton. I currently maintain and develop System.Data.DataSet, its related components and some new features for an upcoming version of ADO.Net. In the past, I helped develop and maintain the .Net Framework Data Providers; before that...
  • Genuine Windows Blog

    XBOX Hacking

    The Wall Street Journal published an article today ‘Hackers' Xbox Game: Decoding The Console’ that includes an interview with Andrew Huang author of Hacking the Xbox: An Introduction to Reverse Engineering. While the article is interesting and points...
  • Visual Studio Graphics Debugging

    In Visual Studio Team System can you profile and debug at the same time?

    A customer recently asked me if the profiler included with Visual Studio Team System would allow you to profile an application while the debugger was attached. While I knew that it would (from talking with other team members) I had never actually tried...
  • Steve Clayton

    The UM landscape

    CRN | VoIP, Telecommunications, Collaboration | Microsoft To Take On Cisco In Unified Communications . This is going to be an interesting landscape over the next few years. I’m not as up to speed as Mark and no doubt he will comment when back...
  • Steve Clayton

    A memorable website #1

    Don’t ask how I came across this but I found a very cool way to engage csutomers and staff over at StLuke’s Communications . They ask staff and visitors a new question each day and then represent the answer in a graphical distribution on their...
  • Pointless Blathering

    Windows Driver Kit Beta 2 is finally available

    I got back from vacation today and went to to see if the WDK beta was up yet, and i'm happy to say that it is. It's a fairly large (2.3 GB) ISO image to download and i'm pulling it down now to make sure it works okay. ...
  • Inside Office Online blog

    Hundreds of thousands served

    The numbers are in for the Beta 2 website . Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed in you. Why were more than 300,000 of you online this weekend? Didn't you see "Memorial Day" on your Outlook calendar? I know it was on mine. Maybe it was the washed out weekend...
  • A Hole In My Head

    SDV and PreFast for Drivers (PFD) article on CNET

    These tools are essential for any driver writer and the folks who work on them are just down the hall from me. PFD is your normal PreFast with additional rules about kernel functions. SDV (static driver verifier) is a completely different tool which simulates...
  • Suresh's Weblog

    Windows Vista live meeting links

    We have been running Vista live meeting sessions which covers various topics around Vista. Here is the link to recorded Vista live meeting sessions. Vista Overview for Developers A Lap Around Windows Presentation Foundation...
  • The .NET Sweatshop (v2)

    Management Accountabilty in a Scrum World

    Last summer, I was having a conversation with a friend who worked in Microsoft Research. I knew him from outside of work and we rarely talked shop, but in this specific instance, I was telling him about my projects. The biggest project on my plate was...
  • Eric Jarvi

    VSTS Tip: TFS Admin Tool

    "allows a TFS administrator to quickly add and modify user permissions to all three platforms utilized by TFS"
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Sara Grades our Power Toys Shared Source Releases

    Sara has a great entry where she looks at how we are doing so far when it comes to making approachable source code. Sara Ford's WebLog : Power Toys as Shared Source, Collaborative Development Software – Where we’re at and where we want...
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