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  • David Boschmans Weblog

    See Windows Vista in action

    Today Microsoft officially launched a new web site t . This site is showing early versions of ISV and Customer solutions that are in development for Windows Vista. The video content is broken down into 4 sections: ...
  • Agile Database Development

    A bright new world for database development

    Today we have announced Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (we can't even make a pronouncable acronym from that). In short, Team System Data is about changing the way that databases are developed and maintained and enabling an agile database world....
  • Home of the Data Dude

    Data Dude Comes to Live!

    Welcome to the Data Dude blog. For those of you who know a little of my past; my life has been directly connected to SQL Server since 1988. After being a member of the SQL Server development team for many years; it was time for a new adventure,...
  • Visual Studio Graphics Debugging

    Working with the Data Collection API in sampling mode

    In previous blogs we’ve talked about using the Data Collection API to limit the amount of data that you collect in instrumentation mode. I’ve been asked recently if the Data Collection API can work with sampling mode as well as instrumentation mode. ...
  • Steve Clayton

    Here's the URL

    We heard again and again at the Partner Roundtable last week that people find it tough to find things on our sites. Too much time is spent on the phone to Partner Account Managers and other Microsoft people simply to find a URL. It shouldn’t be...
  • Expression Blend and Design

    Switch “the look” of your app on the fly

    Test Lead Jen Rowe shows you how you can theme your applications using Resource Dictionaries in Expression Interactive Designer . The application can switch the theme at run time by loading and unloading respective resource dictionaries. This allows you...
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog

    CRM 3.0 Performance Story

    Microsoft CRM V3 was designed with performance in mind. We dedicated significant resource bandwidth and timeline to ensure that we tackle performance issues early and reliably. We laid out a performance plan during the engineering cycle, followed it closely...
  • Eric Jarvi

    VSTS Tip: Team System's Got Database

    The database team pulled it off! I'm really hoping this is a pattern for future additions to Team System and we can keep building momentum around this idea of creating software development tools that bring all the stakeholders together in harmony even...
  • Musings on SQL Server Manageability

    We're official

    We've officially announced our existence today! The press release is at The technical info is hosted at
  • Rob Caron

    Expanding the Suite

    Today’s a big day for Team System! It was only two years ago when we announced a new integrated suite of software development life-cycle tools, and we just shipped the final installment of that suite a couple of months ago. Today, we’re expanding Team...
  • Skinner's Blog

    VSTE for DBPros announced today!!!!

    I am thrilled to make this post today! Today Microsoft has announced the existence of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals ( see the press release here )! What’s this? It is the fourth role in the Visual Studio Team Suite ( check here...
  • Satisfy Me

    Review: PC Magazine calls the SanDisk Sansa e260 "seriously sexy"

    As I've written previously , I'm a fan of the new crop of Windows Media music players, in particular the Sandisk Sansa m240 , with a gigabyte of storage, USB 2.0, an FM radio and long battery life from a rechargeable AAA battery. ( Bonus feature: when...
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