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  • PeteL's Blog

    too short, too long, just right

    One of the cool things I like about working at Microsoft is the diversity. There are so many smart, and diverse people here, it's fantastic. At the same time, it presents some interesting challenges within all the different orgs. Sometimes, when we...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Oh, yeah!

    As a ship-gift for shipping VS2005 , I got my copy of VS2005 "Everything Edition" (Ok, it's not actually called that). I'm very excited about this. I've installed it on my home machine and am looking forward to using it for my various pet projects. It...
  • Keith Smith's Blog

    MIX Article on InfoWorld

    There is a great write-up about MIX 06 on InfoWorld posted on Friday overviewing the technologies and topics to be covered as well as, more importantly, how MIX 06 will differ from other Microsoft conferences. I am the content owner for all the "Atlas...
  • De los medios y de lo digital

    Menudo seminario para nuestros directores

    Se acaba de anunciar que el día 25 de enero, de 6pm, durante hora y cuarto, Microsoft patrocinará un seminario gratuito con cuatro grandes gurús de la gestión, en homenaje a Peter Druker. Para asistir sólo es necesario un PC y una conexión a internet...
  • The Visual Basic Team

    NEW VB LINQ CTP: Now live on MSDN!

    I’m very excited to announce that the next tech preview of Visual Basic 9.0 which includes support for Language INtegrated Query (codename LINQ) and XML integration atop the XLinq API is now available on the VB Future and the LINQ project websites. This is the result of a ton of hard work for a significant portion of the team and we’re very happy to get it out to you. ...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Video for my wife to watch...

    And for other wives, girlfriends or other spousal equivalents. Make You Happy Tonight
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Host Word in winform Application

    We had a question in the VSTO Forums about hosting Word on a winform in .NET . I thought I would give some broader detail, just because I'm in the mood. Here's the deal: hosting Word (or really any other Office app) on a winform is different from automating...
  • BizTalk Core Engine's WebLog

    Job Openings

    Hi all. Hope everyone watched as the Seahawks pummelled the Carolina Panthers yesterday. For our remote team members out in Charlotte ... ouch ... 6 total yards in the first quarter ... ouch (I know it hurt Brian :). However, on a positive note, the Biztalk...
  • Data Access blog

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver -- RTW [Shelby Goerlitz]

    After two betas and 6 months of customer feedback the SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver is generally available for download here – . Our core goal with this new driver is to demonstrate our long-term commitment to providing...
  • Software Development and Deployment

    Uninstall Tool for WinFX Runtime Components 3.0 Jan 2006 CTP released

    This release helps to uninstall all previous versions of WinFX Runtime Components 3.0 and Jan CTP release as well. Now you should not have any problems with any parts of WinFX installation left behind (it happens rarely but happens). Beware that because...
  • o-LIVE-r

    Entwicklungswerkzeug für Lau und Umme! Die Express Editions

    Lange sah es schlecht aus für .NET Entwickler die sich nicht das große und nicht gerade preiswerte Visual Studio leisten konnten. Die Zeit der Trauer ist vorbei, die deutschen Version der sogenannten Visual Studio Express Editions sind da. Jetzt gibt...
  • John Bristowe's Weblog

    MSDN Canada Inter-User Group Competition

    Once again, MSDN Canada is hosting an inter-user group competition . If you and your friends enjoy coding and have got some wicked ideas around applications then this is your chance to win some cool prizes for your efforts. Do you have what it takes?...
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