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  • Clemens Vasters.

    Remoting Style Distributed Objects with WCF

    My grand boss ... if someone had told me this a year back ... but it turns out that it is a great blessing ... anyways .... My grand boss, the magnificient Doug Purdy points to our best kept secret : You can actually do Remoting-style distributed objects...
  • Clint Covington: Software design, Microsoft Office Access

    Software that models business process

    I had an interesting experience last weekend. The last couple days have been pretty hard on my eyes. I wear hard contacts and with all the new pollen in the air I haven’t been able to keep my contacts in my eyes. I’m nearly blind without them. Any ways...
  • Clemens Vasters.

    EMEA WinFX Tour

    The WinFX Tour is coming to Europe! Mark it in your calendar and, if you can, sign up! Locations: Rotterdam (20 Apr), Nice (25 Apr), Zurich (2 May), Copenhagen (4 May), London (9 May), Eilat/IL (9 May), Reading/UK (10 May), Cairo (15 May), Moscow ...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Getting all excited about software

    I’ve been chatting with a friend in the XNA Framework group about what is coming in his team. XNA allows programmers using managed code to write games that play on both a Windows PC and an XBOX 360. I’ve pretty much decided that I need to get an XBOX...
  • Clemens Vasters.

    We want your stuff for

    You wrote an example for WCF that you want others to see? You wrote a WCF article on your blog or for a magazine? (online or offline, any programming and written language) You have a tool that complements or uses WCF? (any license, commercial and...
  • Blog de Mehdi EL YASSIR

    Service Pack 2 de Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Le service pack 2 de Microsoft Dynamics NAV est disponible et dorénavant téléchargeable pour les partenaires sur PartnerSource : FR W1
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    Windows RSS Platform Download Engine

    I wanted to take a couple of minutes to describe how the RSS Platform's download engine works. The behavior can be of interest to feed publishers who might be concerned about scalability as well as to developers and individual users who want to understand...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    TFS MSSCCI Provider 1.0 now available

    Rob Caron : We just published v1.0 of the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider ( updated URL – may not be live right away) to Microsoft Downloads. This release was tested with the following products: Visual Studio .NET 2003...
  • Clemens Vasters.

    Want to Learn WCF? Training Courses for Early Adopters.

    You are looking for in-depth Windows Communication Foundation training? Below is a list of training offerings (in no particular order), which are available either on-site or at central locations. Instructors and consultants from many specialized training...
  • Aali's blog

    Mobiiliohjelmoinnin vaikeus

    Olen jo pidempään ihmetellyt samaa asiaa kuin Kenneth Falck blogissaan : miksei Symbian-pohjaisten sovellusten koodaamisen vaikeudesta ole ollut enemmän puhetta? Suomessa jos missä varmastikin on Symbian-ohjelmoinnista paljon kokemusta ja tuo koodaamisen...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    MEDC Europe 2006 - Early bird discount expires in less than 2 weeks

    Are you involved in Mobile Application Development or want to know more.. Then get along to our Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference in Europe which takes place June 6-8 in Nice. The event is a content packed 3 days of training focussed on developers...
  • David Wang

    IIS7. Team Photo

    For those of you who enjoy photos and putting faces to names... here is one of the entire IIS7 PM, Development, and Test team. Fortunately, the weather Thursday afternoon was pretty agreeable, so the picture came out well. Random Factoids: ...
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