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    SSCLI 2.0 ready for download

    Download Here Features The Shared Source CLI archive contains the following technologies in source code form: An implementation of the runtime for the Common Language Infrastructure (ECMA-335). Compilers that work with the Shared Source CLI for C# (ECMA...
  • Windows Core Networking

    TOS and DSCP

    Some weeks ago I described 802.1p . It's a way to color traffic on your local network segment. If you have network equipment aware of this tag, you can get strict prioritization at these hops. Still, the tag is at layer-2 and not layer-3; your average...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    What happens after XBOX 360 midnight madness

    We survived Midnight Madness . We picked up our console and went home to play The gamer card has some info on it finally - thank's to some hard playing by Antony My review? It's coming. I have a week-end ahead of me But here's a photo of me...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    PSS Learning #1: IM is a key part of their jobs

    I covered myths #1 and #2 so it's time to start getting into the things I learned while working in Sammamish. Learning #1 is that I never saw so many people depend on IM. Everyone was running Microsoft Office Communicator and they used it. It's was...
  • Akira Onishi's weblog


    Virtual Mixのページを見ていたら、3/20より6/1にかけてATLASを使ったマッシュアップコンテストが開催されていることに気がつきました。 コンテスト��詳細は、ここでは省略します。 ここでいう「マッシュアップ」とは、Webアプリケーションのハイブリッド化(複合化)あるいは複数のソースからコンテンツを組み合わせていくWebサイトやWebアプリケーションのことを意味します...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Special Offer : Step Up to VSTS and Save Thousands

    We're putting the next edition of the MSDN Flash together, and one offer that is too good to wait for the Flash , so stuff it, I am going to post it early! I hope I don't get fired Hurry, Step Up to Microsoft Visual Studio Team Suite and...
  • Tetsuharu IKADAI's blog

    夏休みの宿題とMSF ~Vol.02

    さて,昨日は僕がいかにダメなお子さんだったかを暴露してしまいましたが,今日からはちょっと真面目に書きますよ. このブログを読んでくれている全国の小学生諸君,今年こそは夏休みの宿題をちゃんと提出しようじゃないか! 僕がガキの頃にちゃんと宿題を出せなかったのはなぜだろうか?まずはこの原因を追求することが重要ですね. 1. 予定の立て方がイキナリ細かい.しかもその細かい根拠が曖昧 2. 阻害要因が全く考慮されていない 3. 進捗を全然管理していない 3. と言うか,そもそも期限までに宿題を出す気がなかった...
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    Accessing the My namespace for things like the logged in user name

    Just recieved this question in email and thought i would post the answer on blog too: ************************** Question: Hey Chuck! Just a really quick Q for you if you can remember this on top of your head at all…apparently there’s a...
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Entrevista con Antonio Chajon - MVP de Guatemala

    Recientemente entrevistaron en el sitio de MVPs a uno de los talentos nativos de nuestra región del cuál debemos sentirnos orgullosos por su trayectoria y el aporte que ha hecho a la Comunidad de Desarrolladores en Guatemala. Jose Antonio Chajón, CTO...
  • Brad Abrams

    Source code for CLR\BCL 2.0

    Great news... Rotor V2.0 ships ... I have found Rotor a great way to look at (mostly) the real source code from the CLR and BCL to see what is really going on under the covers.
  • The MSDN Subscription Team Blog

    Recent news from the world of MSDN Subscriptions

    I wanted to bring you up to date with a number of new items from MSDN Subscriptions: TFS Ships Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition is currently available from MSDN Subscriber Downloads to all VSTx w/MSDN Premium subscribers...
  • Microsoft Excel 2010

    Document Themes Part I

    In the last post, I presented an overview of the work we are doing in the area of “great looking documents”. Over the next few posts, I want to walk through a number of the improvements in a bit more detail. Today, I am going to introduce the idea of...
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