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    Very, very scary stuff ...

    According to EWeek, spyware researchers at Sunbelt Software, makers of CounterSpy, have discovered an apperent identity theft ring that uses spyware to hijack confidential data from users. He [Subelt President Alex Eckelberry] said the log files included...
  • Windows CE Base Team Blog

    Implementing FSD Call-back File Notifications

    In the past, the Windows CE file explorer required every File System Driver (FSD) to perform call-back notifications after every file system change. This notification mechanism allowed file explorer to quickly refresh open views when files were added...
  • Windows CE Base Team Blog

    Introduction: Andrew Rogers

    A Seattle native, I started work at Microsoft in August 2000 as a Software Design Engineer writing tests for Windows CE drivers and file system components. In 2003 I joined the product development team and have been designing, developing, and maintaining...
  • BizTalkLATAM's Blog

    Introducción a Single Sign-On – Parte II

    El Sistema Enterprise Single Sign-On El siguiente diagrama muestra la arquitectura del sistema SSO ( ver imagen ). El sistema de SSO de BizTalk provee de los servicios base para almacenar, asociar y transmitir las credenciales encriptadas de los...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Ain't Nuthin' But a She Thing

    Expanding on my post last week about The Art of Negotiation , I wanted to add a few more thoughts . . . While I don’t have any facts to prove it, my own hypothesis is that certain groups of people negotiate their offers more often than others. Some...
  • The .NET Sweatshop (v2)

    Free as in Free Speech AND Free Beer (sorta)

    I've always felt part of open source uniqueness is that it is so hard to imagine outside of the software industry. Few industries have the same dynamics as the software industry where people can do something voluntarily and have it product anything commercially...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Implementing your own XmlReader the easy way.

    Implementing an XmlReader is very difficult because there are over 25 abstract methods. Here's a simple way to change the problemspace to implement XmlReader with only 1 real method....
  • Daryll McDade

    Spammer to pay Microsoft $7 million

    The fact that a Spammer has to pay Microsoft $7 million is big news IMO. In the scheme of things, $7 million isn't a lot of money to Microsoft--this is clearly about the principle. It's great that $5 million of this will go directly to Microsoft's efforts...
  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    Team Build notification tool

    < this tool has been updated check out here > As we go on developing the product we frequently feel strong about doing new things around our product either to increase customer value, easy of use, flexibility or just because it can be done. Most...
  • John Lawrence (MSFT)

    Team Foundation Notification RSS feeds? Definitely!

    I didn't realize this yesterday when I blogged about RSS checkin notifications yesterday , but Jeff has already blogged about his RSS sample here . The full sample code has already been posted on Jeff's blog here: Sample: Version Control RSS Feed ...
  • Visual Communication and Design, Now with Audio!

    Comparisons Aren't Always Easy

    An interesting post on The Old New Thing blog. He points out that it's not easy to use comparisons well to explain things. Editors should always look carefully at comparisons to be sure they make sense.
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Google News via RSS

    Charlene Li: "Google now has the ability to add RSS/Atom feeds from Google News . Users will have the ability to add three types of feeds: 1) Google News section feed; 2) Google News search results feed; and 3) feed from a customized news page. Interestingly...
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